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Sheremetyevo Airport International Terminal, Moscow, Russia
Sheremetyevo International Airport is the largest international airport in the Russian Federation. The principal carrier of the Sheremetyevo Airport is OAO “Aeroflot - Russian Airlines”, for which Sheremetyevo is the base airport. At present, the airport has two terminals for providing services to passengers of domestic and international air routes, Sheremetyevo - 1 with a capacity of 650 passengers per hour and Sheremetyevo - 2 with a capacity of 2,100 passengers per hour, respectively. The new Terminal 3 will have a carrying capacity of 3,800 passengers per hour, arrival plus departure, and 2,500 passengers per hour, arrival or departure.

The design and build contract had been awarded to ENKA for the construction of Terminal 3 of the Sheremetyevo Airport in June, 2005 by Aeroflot. All of the construction drawings have been prepared by Enka Design Department. Apart from the terminal building, the major work items to be accomplished under the contract are an apron area of 350,000 sqm, a multi storey car park building for 2,800 cars, a control tower, flyovers and bridges, various other car and bus parks, external facilities such as water treatment plant and water supply lines, MV switch room, boiler house, infrastructure works including high voltage cable lines, gas supply networks, sewage lines, fiber optic cable ducts, reconstruction of the aircraft refueling system and hard and soft landscaping. The terminal building is a reinforced concrete building, having six floors, with a ground floor area of 48,000 sqm and a total construction area of 168,000 sqm. The height of the terminal building is 38.5 m and the roof has a steel structure dome, having a diameter of 60 m. The building has an aluminum glazed facade.

Since the existing airport facilities are in operation during the whole of the construction of terminal 3, special care has to be given to safety, environmental protection and security.

The project was completed in November 2009.

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