With a workforce of over 30,000 people and with more than 60 subsidiaries operating globally (mainly) in construction, energy, fabrication and real estate sectors, we are required to oversee and manage the handling of many complex and international matters on various topics from different arms of the business. This is the most challenging at the same time fascinating aspect of our role.

We recognize that the need for a good understanding of the business (including its existing, past and potential legal issues), its cost and time pressures, competitive realities and operating culture are fundamental to the success of the legal team. This requires amongst others, the ability to offer good judgment, to find solutions without compromising corporate standards and to communicate effectively in clear, concise, non-pedantic language.

With the foregoing in mind, we continuously review and adopt/revise our workings. Furthermore, in consultation with ENKA Academy, we have introduced company wide, periodic training programs/seminars to increase risk awareness of our personnel at every level. We invite leading experts in their respective fields to join us in making these trainings. Furthermore, we continually refine the seminars to reflect ongoing changes in business risk.