ENKA Culture and Arts

ENKA Culture and Arts

In the 27 years since its establishment, ENKA Culture and Arts has developed a great reputation for its arts programming, organizing events spread throughout the course of the year. In the summer, events are held at the ENKA Eşref Denizhan Open Air Theatre which has a 1,000-person capacity. In spring and winter, events are held in the ENKA İbrahim Betil Auditorium with a 600-person capacity. These venues played an important role in the programming of events when Istanbul was the European Capital of Culture in 2010.

These activities reach a very wide audience including employees of ENKA Group, ENKA Foundation and ENKA Sports Club, the athletes and students of ENKA’s Schools and their parents as well as various non-governmental organizations, associations and scholarship students.

With its professional technical equipment, modern design stage facilities and personnel, ENKA Culture and Arts hosts a large number of local and international groups and artists. ENKA Culture and Arts also cooperates with local and international arts institutions, thus contributing to bringing a variety of activities to Turkish Art-Lovers.

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In its 27th year, a comprehensive program reached an audience of 16,000 people at events held throughout the year — concerts ranging from jazz to classical and pop to ethnic music, modern and classical ballet and dance performances and theatre performances. ENKA Culture and Arts also hosted exhibitions in the ENKA Dr. Clinton Vickers Art Gallery from various disciplines.

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