ENKA Foundation

The ENKA Foundation was established in 1983 to uphold and advance the company’s core philosophy and cultural values: to advance the intellectual, physical, and spiritual development of human civilization.

To foster this ambitious aim, the Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex was established that same year on the green slopes of İstinye, providing enrichment programs that would introduce Turkish youth to sports. In turn, this resulted in the creation of the ENKA Sports Club. Igniting in children and young adults a passion for sports and achievement, through identifying their talent and potential, and offering a top level of training and coaching, this facility raises elite athletes to become champions in the national and international arenas.

Complementing its support of physical fitness through the Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex, the ENKA Foundation sought outlets to provide educational and social development.
In 1996, ENKA Schools were founded on the same site in İstinye.

To counter the devastation incurred in Adapazarı following the 1999 earthquake, ENKA Schools in Adapazarı was established that same year, giving that community much needed support.

In 2008, ENKA Foundation launched two private schools in Kocaeli, ENKA Technical and Industrial Vocational School and ENKA Science and Technology High School.

ENKA Culture and Arts collaborates with all of these entities to share appreciation for and develop interest and talent in the arts.