ENKA Schools

ENKA Schools – Istanbul

Founded in 1996, ENKA Schools educates a total of 1,221 students in preschool, primary, middle school and high school with a student-centered, progressive approach to teaching and learning.

ENKA Schools aim to lay the intellectual and behavioral foundations that will prepare and motivate students to develop to the full extent of their capacities, to employ the mental and moral habits that foster freedom of thought and action, and to seek to be leading citizens of Turkey or their country of origin.

Established with the aim of becoming a reputed, model school recognized not only in Turkey but also in the world for its educational practices, ENKA Schools Istanbul is well established and well respected in the Turkish educational system as it progresses steadily towards achieving its mission. Currently the school employs 163 teachers, 35 of whom are international and a total of 261 academic and administrative staff.

ENKA Schools boasts world class facilities. The schools occupy an area of more than 33,684 m² within the ENKA Sadi Gülçelik Sports Complex with the school buildings providing 21,450 m² of usage area in total. The school facilities are housed in two main buildings. The Primary School and High School buildings consist of four floors and four blocks. There is also an auditorium and a multi-purpose area with a cafeteria attached to the main building. The pre-school is housed in a separate specially designed building and has its own separate play area.


The classrooms provide bright, modern learning spaces equipped with good IT resources and fully-equipped chemistry, biology and physics teaching laboratories. The curriculum is supported by technology at all levels. In line with its mission and philosophy, ENKA Schools implement the Turkish Ministry of Education Program and also the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program in the preschool and primary school, as well as the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program as an optional program for Grade 11 and 12 students.

Clubs, community service, after-school, and school team activities serve an important role as do academic pursuits within the educational program. These activities emphasize the development of leadership and communication skills, promote responsibility as well as the sense of discovery and self-confidence. They improve the personal aptitude and interest of students, and help them prepare for their future lives. They also help ensure that ENKA students become responsible citizens who are sensitive towards those less affluent in our society. Through 101 clubs, 46 after school activities, and school teams in 8 different categories founded to achieve this end, such as the Model United Nations, Drama, Musical Drama, European Youth Parliament, English Drama, Community Volunteers, and the International Chain of Awareness, students represent ENKA Schools in various organizations both in Turkey and abroad in the best way possible.

Istanbul ENKA Schools graduated its first high school cohort in 2008. Graduates continue to study at top universities in Turkey such as METU (Middle East Technical University), Boğaziçi University, Bilkent University, Koç University and Sabancı University, as well as abroad. To date, ENKA students have studied a wide range of disciplines in leading universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, Columbia, Northwestern, Brown, Duke, John Hopkins, McGill and Imperial College. Having completed their undergraduate degrees, many of our first graduates are now pursuing graduate studies both in Turkey and abroad and taking their first steps towards their careers. ENKA graduates also continue to play a role through the ENKA Schools Alumni Association which was established in 2010.

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ENKA Schools – Adapazarı

Adapazarı ENKA Schools were swiftly established in response to the Marmara Earthquake in 1999 to support students who were affected by the earthquake of that year.

As of 2015, there are 674 students and 163 full-time employees. In addition to the full time staff and administration, there are 16 hourly paid personnel. ENKA Schools – Adapazarı offer both national and international academic curriculums, alongside sports, artistic and cultural programs to support the holistic development of our students.


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Private ENKA Technical & Industrial Vocational High School & Science and Technology High School – Kocaeli

Private ENKA Technical and Industrial Vocational High School

Founded in 2008, the Private ENKA Technical and Industrial Vocational High School was first set up in a temporary building but moved to permanent premises in 2010. It provides educational services in the fields of industrial automation and machine and chemical technology with its 62 teachers and 429 students. It is the first private school in Turkey to offer scholarships to all its students.

The Private ENKA Technical Schools’ mission is: to provide professional education in fields that are demanded by the market, using modern methods and machinery; an education built on and developing integrity, responsibility, professional work ethics, moral standards and sensitivity; that fulfills our students’ cultural and social needs; to raise students who are competent and well equipped with the necessary skills to satisfy the demands of the industrial sectors and technical/vocational educational institutions; to contribute to Turkish Industry and to society through offering training to employees already in technical sectors as well as unemployed youth.

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Our vision is to provide quality education worthy of the esteem and reputation of ENKA and to fulfill our responsibility in establishing the first and leading model in its field in Turkey. Also we aim to have a voice in the field of vocational/technical education in Europe and globally.

With its unique educational program, technical opportunities and its experienced and well qualified staff, our school is the first of its kind in Turkey. The school building has a 750-student capacity. It is situated in 30,750 m² green belt, next to a large organized industrial zone, which was donated by the Istanbul Machinery Manufacturers Industry Cooperation. In this building, which has 15,000 m² of covered area, there are 16 workshops within the machinery CNC, industrial automation and electrical and electronics departments, 20 classrooms, 5 laboratories, a dining hall and sports hall.

Private ENKA Science and Technology High School

Established in 2014 on the same campus as the Private ENKA Vocational and Technical High School in Kocaeli, the sole aim of our school is to raise well qualified people that will help shape the future advancement of Turkey. English language training starts from the prep year of our school and the education period is 5 years in total.

Our main targets in the Science and Technology High School are:

  • Project-based education
  • To enable our students to achieve high grades to enter departments in renowned universities
  • Provide them with good language training
  • To familiarize and train students in the use of modern technology in the real world
  • To help students develop socially
  • Prepare them for training and education abroad.

With its full-scholarship students, transportation and food expenses are financed by our foundation. Our students prepare for the TUBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey) Science Olympics at weekends and they are given language training in England in the summer with the help of our foundation.

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