Kasktaş is proud of its lengthy history and is a well-established company whose creation dates back to 1957, coinciding with the foundation of its parent company, ENKA. Originally known as ENKA Piling Group, Kasktaş’s debut was heralded by the successful completion of its first contract, the construction of the Istinye Bridges on piled foundations. In 1975, after years of rapid growth, the ENKA Piling Group was renamed as Kasktaş.

Since its inception, Kasktaş was conceived to complete and succeed in the international arena. Kasktaş has distinguished itself domestically and internationally by closely following developments in geotechnical engineering and advancing its know-how and capabilities accordingly. Today Kasktaş is not only the leading geotechnical engineering company in Turkey, it is a leader in its foreign markets as well.

Despite its dominance as one of the first geotechnical engineering contractors established in Turkey, Kasktaş took the imitative and extended its interests into foreign territory in 1980. Its initial contracts were in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Countries, and later it expanded its project experience into the CIS and Russia. Since early in the new millennium, Kasktaş has further expanded into Republic of Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Bosnia Herzegovina, Libya, Djibouti, Albania and Algeria.

In addition to the invaluable contribution made by its highly skilled technical and managerial staff, Kasktaş owes its respected reputation to: fulfilling its responsibilities on time; preparing the most appropriate solutions and economical designs for its Customers; and successfully accomplishing its applications according to ISO 9001 Quality Management, OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety and ISO 14001: Environmental Management Standards.

Ever since its inception as ENKA’s ground engineering and foundation contracting company, Kasktaş has continued to grow and prosper, enlarging both its capacity and its know-how.

Logistics, Maintenance and Repair Center

Kasktaş’s Logistics, Maintenance and Repair Center plays a vital role in the company’s operations. Founded on a 16,000 m² area in Kurtköy, Istanbul, the center carries out the commissioning, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment. The center also carries out production of any necessary auxiliary tools and equipment.

A total of 3,500 m² of the center functions as closed office, workshop and storage space, with the remaining space devoted to a warehouse and a machinery park. The center’s closed workshop is equipped with travelling cranes, sheet twisting and cutting benches, drills, welding motors and a wide range of electrical tools.

Kasktaş also possesses local Logistics, Maintenance and Repair Centers in Russia and Saudi Arabia which are established in the above manner for the commissioning, repair and maintenance of all machinery and equipment used in these countries.

Machinery and Equipment

Since the year 2000, Kasktaş’s expertise and experience have diversified greatly. With this diversification and the distribution of its activities to a larger geographical area, Kasktaş has been acquiring new machinery and equipment to keep pace with the state-of-the-art techniques required to stay in a leadership position in geotechnical engineering as well as to fulfil a diverse range of requirements needed at a local market level.

Experienced specialist mechanical engineers conduct the purchasing and commissioning of all Kasktaş’s machinery and equipment, as well as their necessary spare parts. These highly trained individuals keep up-to-date on all related international developments.

Today Kasktaş can execute – under any environmental conditions, in any kind of soil or rock formation – all geotechnical engineering applications, including but not limited to:

  • Foundation systems (bored pile, driven pile, CFA pile, mini pile, etc.)
  • Deep excavation support systems (diaphragm wall, piled and mini piled wall, sheetpiling, Berliner wall, anchored and strutted shoring system, jet grouted well, etc.)
  • Slope stability systems (soil nail, temporary and permanent soil anchor, rock bolt, etc.)
  • Ground improvement applications (stone column, jet grout, vibro compaction, wick drain, dynamic compaction, deep mixing, etc.)
  • Drilling and grouting applications (consolidation, compaction, fracture and impermeability grouting, etc.)
  • In-situ tests and quality control tests

Quality Management

In 2001, Kasktaş was the first company in its field in Turkey certified to the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System by the British Standards Institution.

In addition to the requirements of ISO 9001, Kasktaş has created written procedures related to all activities which company management deems essential. The Quality Management Systems documents have been prepared and put into practice in order to provide a system appropriate to the requirements of ISO 9001 and Kasktaş’s quality objectives.

To increase client satisfaction, Kasktaş’s foremost objective is high quality work in its geotechnical engineering projects. Its quality control department has been equipped with modern instruments to ensure that all geotechnical applications, as well as site and laboratory tests, are implemented without sacrificing quality. In all projects method statements and a quality control plan referring to the related standards are strictly pursued, and in accordance with this plan, a variety of quality control tests are carried out during and after project executions.

In addition to routine tests, Kasktaş performs the following tests: monitoring of vertical and lateral deflections of deep shoring systems; pile load tests by osterberg-cell method with a maximum test load of 62,000 kN; pile integrity tests; zone loading and in situ tests (CPT, SPT). The test results and the real time installation data obtained by an electronic data-collecting unit during execution are evaluated by using up-to-date engineering software. Consequently, integrity is achieved between the design and application stages. It also makes it possible to take action under different conditions during the execution as well as ascertain potential problems or changes affecting the execution before they become an issue.

Health, Safety and Environment

Kasktaş is proud to be the first Turkish company in geotechnical engineering to be certified to the OHSAS 18001 Health & Safety Management System and the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Kasktaş believes that all work related accidents/injuries, disease and property losses are preventable, and that higher health and safety performance is in line with good and effective management practices. Kasktaş subscribes to a safe healthy working environment for all personnel with its “Zero Accident” philosophy.


Kasktaş’s most precious resources are its employees. The company employs 500 people, including staff and site personnel. These employees are stationed in its head office, domestic and international offices and sites.

Over 60 of Kasktaş’s technical and administrative staff are civil and geological engineers who specialize in geotechnical engineering design and applications as well as mechanical engineers with experience in special machinery and equipment. This distinguished Kasktaş staff do their best: upholding their responsibilities for life, the environment and the principle of “safety first”, while making every effort to implement economical solutions to all kinds of geotechnical challenges without ever sacrificing the quality of their work.

Design Office

Since establishing its design office in 1985, Kasktaş has been able to design all of geotechnical engineering structures it undertakes. As a result, project requirements, customer demands, grounding and site conditions are efficiently evaluated to achieve geotechnical designs that are pertinent, safe, economical and high quality.

From the 1990s onwards, the Kasktaş Design Office has evaluated state-of-the-art solutions for all kinds of geotechnical and foundation engineering problems on challenging construction projects around the world by using the latest versions of geotechnical engineering software. By analyzing technical feedback obtained from completed projects, Kasktaş continually improves design applications in order to achieve perfection in its design activities.


  • Nef 03 Kağıthane Project
  • Eroğlu Seyrantepe Skyland Project
  • Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project European Side (ETB) Excavaton Support System Works
  • Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project Yenikapı Pedestrian Underpass Project
  • Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project Kazlıçeşme U Turn Structures Piling Works Phase 1 & Phase 2
  • Istanbul Strait Road Tube Crossing Project Eyüp Aksoy Cut&Cover Tunnels Excavation Support System Works Phase 2
  • Aliağa Star Refinery Site Preparation Works Terrace 5&6 Anchorage Works
  • Aliağa Star Refinery Piling Works
  • Aliağa Star Refinery Berliner Wall Works
  • Aliağa Petkim Container Port Permanent Anchorage Works
  • Kargı Hydroelectric Plant Tail Water Construction Secant Pile and Grouting Works
  • Megeye Logistic Production Facility Construction

Saudi Arabia

  • First Ring Road Project
  • Abraj Kudai Project
  • Jabal Omar Development Project
  • King Faisal Specialist Hospital Project
  • Haram Utility Services Project
  • National Water Company Strategic Reservoirs
  • Riyadh Metro Project, Line 5, Station 5A2, 5A5,5A6 and South Shaft (Piling and Anchorage Works)
  • Riyadh Metro Project, Line 3, Station 3E6 and Western Stretch (Piling and Anchorage Works)
  • Jabal Al Ka’aba Project

Russian Federation and Other Countries

  • Brestskaya Project
  • Odintsovo Project
  • US Embassy Project
  • Avtozavodskaya Project
  • Selepihinskaya Project
  • Kashirskaya Project
  • Plot 17 – 18 Projects
  • Skolkovo Project
  • New Ashgabat International Airport, Turkmenistan
  • Combined Cycle Power Plant Besmaya, Iraq

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