Since 1974, Titaş has been successfully carrying out excavation-backfilling works on highway projects, drainage, quarry and crusher plant operations, municipal domestic water distribution networks and housing waste water networks, as well as energy, communication, natural gas, heating-cooling networks, and also infrastructure works on university campuses and embassy complexes, both domestically and internationally.

Founded in 1974, Titaş, with its experience of 40 years, continues to complete any kind of work undertaken by integrating modern construction machinery with contemporary technology and a team spirit of the highest quality.

After the completion of the Morine-Merdare Motorway Project in Kosovo at the end of 2013, Titaş committed to a new project in 2014, the South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPx), infrastructure consisting of a 15-kilometer road and compressor stations. These works consist of quarry and crusher plant installations / operations and asphalt works. Titaş set up a Georgian Branch for  these projects. Despite the extreme weather conditions present at 1,500 – 2,000 meter altitudes, Titaş aims to complete its works according to the project’s prime contract requirements.

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