Arab Potash Potassium Refinery

Arab Potash Potassium Refinery

ENKA-Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd. (United Kindom) JV executed the construction of the Potassium Refinery to produce  1,200,000 tons of potassium yearly by exploiting the minerals of “Dead Sea” lake and related facilities such as housing compound, 17 MW power plant, evaporation pool.

Project Description

Arab Potash Potassium Refinery

Project Features

Contract Type
Civil works, design, fabrication and erection of steel structure works
Arab Potash Company Ltd. Main Contractor: Voest-Alpine / Austria
Key Quantities
Excavation125,000 m3
Concrete15,000 m3
Steel Structure1,100 tons
Project Duration
Start Date01.01.1980
Finish Date01.04.1982
Duration27 Months


Ghor Safi / Jordan

All civil works, design, fabrication and erection of steel structure works related with all processing units and administration buildings and roads

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