Awbari Gas Turbines Power Plant

ENKA is close to completing its work on the Awbari Power Plant project in Libya following the delay caused by security conditions in the country.

The plant is a dual-fuel power plant with crude oil as the primary fuel and light distillate oil as the back-up fuel. The EPC turnkey project consists of four 160 MW Siemens SGT5-PAC 2000 E combustion turbine generators with auxiliaries and the required balance-of-plant systems. It also includes the construction of a 50 km 12“ crude oil pipeline connecting the project site to the oil field facilities located in Fezzan in the Southern Region of Libya. The project site is situated in a remote desert location with harsh climatic conditions in a sparsely-populated region of Libya.

The contract was signed in 2007 with the General Electric Company of Libya in accordance with the Libyan Government’s ambitious targets for increasing its power generation capacity. Initial mobilization took place in November 2010. However, site activities had to be suspended in February 2011 due to the revolutionary events in Libya. The site was activated again in October 2012, but work had to be suspended for the second time in September 2014 due to deteriorating security conditions in an area close to the job site. The site was therefore evacuated, together with Siemens & 396 Turkish employees.

ENKA continued to maintain close contact with General Electric Company of Libya and other administrative and governmental bodies, and to monitor developments in Libya closely pending the restoration of a tolerable level of law and order. In October 2016, following a series of meetings with the client, a protocol was signed which determined the commitments of the client, supported by Libyan governmental bodies and established principles for the resolution of technical, administrative, contractual and financial matters.

Clear milestones were set for maintaining adequate working conditions. The re-activation of the project required the resolution of key issues in the areas of security, immigration, customs, transportation, availability of goods and services necessary for working in the area, operational availability of contract items, and financing.

Work on the site finally resumed with the mobilization of a pioneer team in April 2017. The temporary site facilities were improved and arrangements were made for construction equipment and accelerated site mobilization. The project team then restarted its remaining activities with the involvement of its commissioning group in May 2017.

Since ENKA decided to re-activate the Awbari project, there have been a number of positive developments:

  • Previously, the city of Awbari had been largely evacuated. Its population was limited and it lacked basic living facilities. The citizens of the city have now returned to their home town, welcomed ENKA and committed themselves to continuing to live there,
  • Public services have resumed as the local administrations and airport, hospital, municipality, bank, police and military authorities have returned to their duties.
  • There has been a considerable increase in the availability of basic goods and construction materials both for citizens and for the project. Previously, these had to be transported from northern cities by charter plane or truck.
  • Domestic flights have been re-activated.

In September 2017, following the resumption of activities and improvements in working and accommodation conditions, one of the main parties, Siemens, the main equipment supplier, was convinced to resume its supervision activities. Meanwhile, the principles of the road map that was drawn up for the re-activation of the project have been adopted as a “recognized example” by the client and other Libyan administrations seeking to persuade other contractors from different countries to resume their interrupted business activities in Libya.

ENKA has completed the whole Power Island (Combustion Turbine Generators & their auxilliaries) and BOP systems’ erection in Awbari Power Plant. Other supervision activities necessary for the commissioning of the project are currently being performed by experienced ENKA staff, as the supervisors of many international vendors are not allowed to travel to Libya. In line with ENKA’s commitments, the first synchronization with the grid followed by the first ignition had been achieved in October 2017. Although the completion date has been set for the end of December 2017, due to the worsening security conditions in the Southern Region of Libya, the project had gone through a complete evacuation for the 3rd time.

In terms of BOP systems readiness, ENKA had completed the commissioning of MV and LV Motors, MV Switchgears, LV Switchgears, BOP DC/UPS System, IPB (Isolated Phase Bus), GCB (Generator Circuit Breaker), Step-up & Aux Transformers (Unit 4 and 3 had already been energized), Emergency Diesel Generator, Overall Protection Panel (Unit & Transformer Protection Panel), DCS – Distributes Control System, PLC – Programmable Logic Controller, FOTP – Fuel Oil Treatment Plant, WTP – Water Treatment Plant, CEMS – Continuous Emission Monitoring System, Fire Systems, LDO forwarding systems, FOTP systems, Instrument/Service/Nitrogen generation compressor system.

Below were the main work in progress scope for the turnover of power plant to Client. Given the nature of the remaining works, we will be depending on Siemens to complete our limited remaining tasks on site.

  • Filling 50 km Crude Oil Pipeline with Crude Oil. This will be followed by receiving and filling crude oil to 5000 m3 untreated crude oil tank.
  • Commissioning of crude oil treatment skids to enable treatment & transfer of 5000 m3 from untreated tank to 20000 m3 to treated crude oil tank along with the flushing of the crude oil lines.
  • Commissioning of the Plant’s Telephone, Camera & loudspeaker Systems.

Project Description

4×160 MW Awbari Gas Turbines Power Plant

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning
ENKA Teknik
General Electricity Company of LIBYA (GECOL)
Key Quantities
Earthworks 95,114 m³
Concrete 31,791 m³
Structure Steel 5,300 tons
Above Ground Piping 253 tons
Cabling 206,500 lm
Mechanical Equipment 2,860 tons
Insulation & Paint 35,520 m²
Buildings 11,000 m²
Project Duration
Start Date 01.12.2010
Finish Date 15.11.2017
Duration 85 Months


Awbari, Libya

The project had to be suspended first time in February 2011 hence re-started in October 2012 and had to be suspended once again at 98% physical completion in September 2014 both owing to political turmoil in Libya.

We were the first Contractor who had resumed site activities not only in the southern region but also throughout the whole of Libya under instable conditions of the country. Logistic to the site from other parts of Libya is a challenge where safety at site and for all supplied material are the major concern.

Although Construction Power had been utmost importance for safety and limited site activities currently constrained with stocked construction material, ENKA struggled a lot while dealing with diesel supply due to continuous run of Generators. ENKA had successfully managed to continue the site works against the shortage of living and construction material in the project region.


Turn-key engineering, supply for BOP parts and complete plant (including 50 km of crude oil pipeline), construction, erection and commissioning of 4×160 MW Simple Cycle Power Generation Plant. Power Island of the plant consists of 4 units of Siemens SGT5-PAC 2000E Combustion Turbine + SGen5-100A Generator sets.

The plant is designed and supplied to operate in simple cycle mode of operation, complete with all Balance of Plant (BOP) systems to support safe and efficient operation of CTG units.

Other Supplies and Services

  • Engineering, design and documentation for the complete project scope
  • Procurement and transportation
  • Construction and erection works (including vendor supervision)
  • Commissioning, testing, start-up and handover
  • Training services for plant operation & maintenance staff
  • Intial operation spare parts

  • After the first force majeur occured in Feb 2011, we were the first Contractor which had resumed site activities in October 2012, not only in the southern region but throughout the whole of Libya.
  • Engineering, Procurement and Site Works progress had been ahead of Contractual Schedule by six (6) months and had reached up to 98% physical completion by the time the site had to be evacuated in September 21st, 2014 with great effort in lieu of the prevailing.


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