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Borisow Housing

The design and turn-key construction of a residential complex with 725 dwelling units, including social and technical buildings and the furnishing thereof with the complete infrastructure. The total floor area is 84,000 m2. The project also includes a 30 MW central heating plant.

The Borisow military housing project in Belarus was the pioneering settlement within the military housing program and, as such, demanded great speed of construction. From the green field to turn-key completion took just 173 days. The project had a total construction area of 85,000 m2 and included social and technical buildings, infrastructure and a 30 MW heating center.

725 Units in 173 Days

This was one of the ENKA’s speed records and covers the completion of 725 housing units in 173 days. The project had become a highlight on the international scene, with news of its success reaching the United Nations.

Project Description

Borisow Housing

  • Turn-key Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Ministry of Defence of the CSI, Housing Department / “Sojazwneschtrojimport”, Union of Foreign Trade Organizations
Key Quantities
Excavation 170,000 m³
Backfilling 30,000 m³
Concrete 51,000 m³
Formwork 200,000 m2
Reinforcement 3,750 tons
Screed 65,000 m2
Linoleum Floor 9,500 m2
Ceramic Floor 7,350 m2
Painting 125,800 m2
Gypsum Board Partitions 75,000 m2
Glazed Tile 14,200 m2
Wall Paper 80,500 m2
Door & Windows 5,714+9,452 pcs
Parquet Floor 36,000 m2
Roads 7,800 m2
Total Floor Area 84,000 m2
Project Duration
Start Date 03.07.1991
Finish Date 31.12.1991
Duration 6 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation

Within the context of rapid developments, following the unification of Germany, ENKA was determined to hand over the project on the planned arrival date of the troops. ENKA’s speed in completing the 725 apartments required intensive logistical arrangements, backed up by the network of ENKA Offices in Istanbul, Minsk, Moscow, Wiesbaden, Stockholm and London. As a result of this coordinated effort, a total of 1,510 trucks and 1,747 train wagons of equipment and materials were moved to the site. At the peak of activity, the number of workers and personnel reached 3,300. The inauguration ceremony on January 8, 1992, received extensive international media attention, and marked ENKA’s successful contribution to a historic event.

  • Completion of 725 Units took 173 Days only


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