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Central Core Shopping and Entertainment Center, MIBC

The Central Core of MIBC, Moscow Internation-al Business Center, is a multifunctional center, featuring a shopping mall, cinemas, food courts, restaurants and administrative premises, includ-ing access to underground car parks and the metro. The building is located on the Krasno-presnenskaya Embankment in Moscow, Russian Federation.

In its entirety, the center is an eight-floor rein-forced concrete building with four floors above ground, one subterranean public floor, and a three-floor underground car park. The under-ground floors have direct access to the metro.

The building is a standard rectangular form, 117 m by 410 m; however, a glazed atrium dome affords the building its unique appearance. This central core maintains a vital interconnection between Moscow City’s high-rise blocks with the two roads that run along the longitudinal fa-cades.

The project, which was awarded in December 2006 and successfully completed in December 2009, was constructed to the required quality in the 36 months schedule.

Project Description

Central Core Shopping and Entertainment Center, MIBC

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction without decorational finishing
Bellgate Constructions Ltd.
Key Quantities
Total Floor Area194,344 m²
Reinforced Concrete38,500 m²
Partition Walls118,000 m³
Dome Skylight10,500 m²
Roof Covering20,000 m²
Lifts & Excalators66 set
Project Duration
Start Date26.12.2006
Finish Date31.12.2009
Duration37 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation
  • The main challenge encountered during the project’s implementation was the design, procurement and installation of the glazed atrium dome, which covers an area of 10,500 m2. Its installation was only achievable as a result of an enormous scaffolding framework, [approximately 115,000 m3 ]. Its special design and complex engineering makes it a unique and exceptional example of Moscow’s contemporary architecture
  • Protecting this huge glass dome from the possibility of damage, as a result of the ongoing high-rise building’s construction around the Central Core, was another big challenge. To achieve this, a special structure was necessary and the entire dome was covered until just before the center was officially opened with a specially designed and built timber shell, to prevent damage by objects falling from the adjacent high-rise buildings.

The scope of services provided by ENKA  for this project included all the design and engineering work, procurement, construction and installation, the civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and roofing work. ENKA also installed the lifts and escalators and undertook the finishing of the building’s operational, maintenance and technical facilities, covering a total construction area of 190,000 m².

The mechanical systems for the project included heating, ventilation, air conditioning, hot and cold water supply, sewage, a fully automated sprinkler, smoke extraction and pressurization systems and building automation and control systems.

The electrical work for the project included the power supply, intruder alarm system, CCTV system, fire alarm system, public announcement and emergency evacuation systems.

  • There are 449 retail areas in the Center, including shops and restaurants. This shopping center aspires to be one of Moscow’s most outstanding and exclusive shopping areas.


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