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Golden Horn Bridge

Haliç Bridge is a highway bridge on the Golden Horn (Turkish: Haliç) in Istanbul, Turkey. It connects the neighborhoods of Ayvansaray in the southwest and Halıcıoğlu in the northwest. The bridge carries the motorway D-100.

Project Description

Renovation and Widening of Golden Horn Bridge

  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Procurement, Construction
IHI – ENKA – Bayındır Consortium. ENKA’s share: 15 %
Ministry of Public Works – General Directorate of Highways – TCK
Key Quantities

7,000 tons steel structure fabrication and erection for the steel superstructure of the new bridges. Off-shore steel piling works. On shore in-situ piling works. Reinforced concrete piers. Improvement of the existing approach roads and interchanges. Excavation and filling works. Asphalting works.

Project Duration
Start Date 01.03.1994
Finish Date 01.06.1998
Duration 52 Months


Istanbul, Turkey

The fabrication and erection of the New Golden Horn Steel Bridges, ordered by IHI of Japan, one of the leading steel bridge contractors, were completed by Cimtas in 16 months, combining advanced engineering expertise with a highly skilled workforce and the latest manufacturing, erection and information technologies.

Çimtaş Gemlik Works fabricated two units of steel bridges over the Golden Horn in Istanbul in 11 months. They had a total weight of 7,340 tons, composed of 74,000 steel elements, assembled by 242,000 m of welding and sustaining 462,500 bolt holes in a configuration of 184 blocks, each of which was 3,2 x 4,0×9,0 m.

Following the on-shore preassembly of the blocks, which involved pairing up two blocks into one of 18 m length, erection was also completed in 11 months over eight spans of bolting and welding, with the longest span reaching to 139.5 m and the heaviest lift weighing 100 tons.

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