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Kapitoliy Sergiev Posad Shopping Center

During the 2nd Quarter of 2013, ENKA started a new Shopping Mall project in the Moscow Region for ENKA TC, a subsidiary of the ENKA group of companies, is one of the leading commercial real estate developers in the Russian Federation. The shopping mall in Sergiev Posad has been in operation since the beginning of August 2014.

The gross building area of the complex amounts to 36,750 m², while the Gross Leasable Area of the retail part is corresponding to 24,883 m². Furthermore an open car-park area with over 696 lots is designated to retail. The shopping mall hosts a cinema with five salons, an entertainment center, a children’s playground and a foodcourt area, including several restaurants and cafes. In its entirety, the shopping center includes more than 100 retail stores, in addition to the 7,000 m² supermarket.

Adhering to high quality standards, this is essentially a new approach to the concept of a shopping center with a suitable tenant mix that enables citizens to overcome the limitations of everyday routine, while combining shopping experience with leisure. A modern entertainment center with a multiplex cinema and free open-air parking, provides people with a variety of up to date recreational activities, while creating a popular and unique venue for the city.

ENKA has self-performed and successfully completed the project on a lump sum turn-key basis, using its project management and implementation expertise, covering a full range of basic and detailed engineering, procurement, construction, erection, commissioning, and operation phases to the full satisfaction of ENKA TC. Construction on the Sergiev Posad Shopping Mall was completed with investments totaling 59 million US Dollars.

Project Description

Sergiev Posad Multifunctional Shopping Center

  • Turn-key Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Design, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning, Start-up, as well as the training of the personnel
Key Quantities
Total Floor Area36,750 m²
Total Leasable Shops Area24,883 m²
Precast Piles1,978 pcs
Excavation90,000 m³
Concrete23,000 m³
Structural Steel156 tons
Roof Covering10,550 m²
Terracotta Façade Elements6,087 m²
Glazing Façade3,876 m²
Elevators, Escalators, Autowalks17 pcs

  • AAC Concrete Block Wall: 16,162 m²
  • Gypsum Board: 7,731 m²
23,893 m²
Wall Finishing

  • Paint: 17,883 m²
  • Granite Ceramic Tile: 1,184 m²
  • Gypsum Board Cladding: 5,066 m²
24,133 m²
Floor Finishing

  • Screed: 12,564 m²
  • Terazzo: 7,560 m²
  • Granite Ceramic Tile: 3,391 m²
  • Epoxy: 1,250 m²
  • Granite: 363 m²
12,564 m²
Ceiling Finishing

  • Gypsum Board Ceiling: 7,750 m²
  • Metal Mesh Ceiling: 1,194 m²
  • Wooden Ceiling: 228 m²
  • Paint: 8,808 m²
17,980 m²
Doors191 pcs

  • Asphalt: 24,300 m²
  • Greenbelt: 1,747 m²
  • Keystone-Granite: 3,010 m²
  • Fence: 1,146 m²
29,057 m²
Project Duration
Start Date11.04.2013
Finish Date01.09.2014
Duration17 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation
  • The ancient town of Sergiev Posad, located just outside Moscow, is one of the pearls of the Golden Ring of historic towns that surrounds the capital. Located about 70 kilometers from the city, the town is dominated by its UNESCO world heritage site. While executing the work, ENKA successfully managed cultural relations with locals to avoid any clashes and maintained good relations with its neighbors. Environmental sensitivity of the historical city was carefully maintained; in addition, ENKA took some environmental measures to protect the nature
  • First and foremost, ENKA brought its Zero Accidents philosophy to its execution and built a strong safety and security plan that was strictly implemented throughout the duration of the project to protect their workforce and their customer, as well as the environment and communities surrounding the Project. Safety is always ENKA’s top priority.
  • Largest Shopping Center in Sergiev Posad
  • 1.8 Million work hours without a lost time incident
  • Management of the construction, to ensure the project remained within the established budget.


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