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Lapino Perinatal Medical Centre

The Lapino Perinatal Medical Center comprises 42,600 m2 and is situated on a 2.16 plot on the 1st Uspenskoye Highway, near Lapino Village, in the rural area of Nazarjevskoye in the Odintsovsky Municipal district of Moscow.

The Perinatal Center consists of three adjacent blocks, separated by expansion joints:

  • Block A – the main medical center with a basement and five floors above ground, has a comb shape layout
  • Block B – the main food preparation center with a basement and one above ground floor has a semicircular shape layout
  • Block C – a spa and rehabilitation center with a basement and three floors above ground, has a semicircular shape layout

The hospital includes an in-patient ward with 87-beds and comprises:

  • Obstetrics department: 50-beds, including a 37-beds physiology ward and a 13-bed pregnancy pathology ward
  • Neonatal center: 17-beds including a 5-beds rehabilitation center for older children (1-3 years) and a 12-beds newborn pathology department
  • Probationary ward: 10 beds
  • Gynecology ward: 10 beds.

The hospital comprises a pediatric consultancy-diagnostic center, designed for 150 visits per shift; a consultancy diagnostic center for adults (with 1 day-stay in-patient section) designed for 250 visits per shift; a laboratory; a spa-center with a rehabilitation therapy area, a cosmetology department and a swimming pool.

Project Description

Lapino Perinatal Medical Center Project

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
LLC Haven (MD Medical Group Company)
Key Quantities
Gross Area42,686 m²
Volume184,640 m³
Concrete25,000 m³
Rebar3,750 tons
Façade21,500 m²
Reinforcement Concrete25,000 m³
Partition Walls60,000 m²
Steel and Wooden Doors2,100 ea
Aluminum and Ventilated Façade21,500 m²
Ceramic Tiles31,500 m²
Painting108,500 m²
Lifts22 set
Project Duration
Start Date01.09.2010
Finish Date01.11.2012
Duration27 Months


Lapino Village in Odintsoysky Region, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • The basic and Stage P design of the Lapino Perinatal Medical Center had been elaborated as per the prevalent Russian norms and regulations for the medical institutions; whereas the Client requested to upgrade the hospital as an upscale facility to serve the upper class of Moscow population in a more secluded and quiet environment, incorporating the highest standards of mechanical and electrical amenities, as well as the luxurious finishing materials at the realization stage. Coping with the conflict between these upper level requirements and the initial design based on prevalent norms and making the required adaptations to this end was one of the main challenges to be encountered
  • The project was finished and handed over to the Client and had been put into operation approximately six months ahead of the contractual Schedule, despite the delays and insufficient mode of work of Client’s third party subcontractors for medical equipment and furniture which was another challenge to be faced.

The work undertaken by ENKA comprises all the design: – including all the basic design, Stage P design and all the working and detailed design – and all procurement, all civil, structural, architectural, MEP and medical construction and the installation and commissioning works.

The scope of the construction included all civil and structural works, facade, all architectural finishing works interior decoration of the main lobbies and spa areas mechanical and electrical engineering systems, medical gas system, all weak current systems, including CCTV, security and access control, nurse call, public announce, fire alarm, building management and control systems, hardscaping and site work.

  • A Perinatal Medical Center was designed as a modern hospital complex providing family-oriented alternatives to in-patient technologies for all stages of health rehabilitation. The client’s request for high standards for their elite clientele was satisfactorily met.


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