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Zwitina Gas Turbines Power Plant

Zwitina Power Plant is designed for Simple Cycle Operation. The plant consists of 2 (two) Combustion Turbine – Generators (CTG) each nominally rated at 285 MW power producing capacity at generator output terminals at ISO conditions. Base fuel is natural gas while diesel oil is also available as backup fuel.

The CTG’s for this project are Siemens Model SGT5-PAC-4000F.

Overall plant design, sub-systems design and selected equipment are suitable for future conversion into Combined Cycle Operation.

Power island equipment (i.e., Combustion Turbine – Generator packages and their auxiliary packages) have been procured directly by GESCO (Global Electricity Service Company of Libya) while ET was responsible for complete plant engineering, procurement of Balance of Plant (BOP) equipment and material, Natural Gas Pipe line and complete site works (construction and erection), commissioning and start-up.

Project Description

2×285 MW Zwitina Gas Turbines Power Plant

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning
ENKA Teknik
General Electricity Company of LIBYA (GECOL)
Key Quantities
Earthworks29,975 m³
Concrete14,091 m³
Structural Steel1,600 tons
A/G Piping203 tons
Cabling166,726 lm
Mech. Equipment1,360 tons
Insulation & Paint30,223 m²
Buildings5,872 m²
Project Duration
Start Date26.04.2008
Finish Date01.08.2012
Duration39 Months


Zwitina, Libya

The Zwitina Power Plant has been planned to assist elimination of great power shortage especially in the Eastern part of Libya as well as to feed newly established 400 kV National Electricity Network all over the Libya territory.

The project site is located just near the sea at a sandy coastal area. Underground water level is just 80 cm below project ground level therefore piling and continuous dewatering is needed during civil construction. Comprehensive insulation systems have been applied against salty sea water absorption to the infrastructure of the facilities.

At the end of successful commissioning and putting into the operation, each unit’s actual capacity is reached to 305 MW. This figure is more than the design capacity (285 MW) and very rare and exceptionally good output compared to the other similar model turbine applications all over the world.


ENKA Teknik’s (a fully owned subsidiary of ENKA) scope as the EPC contractor of the Zwitina Power Plant Project covered all the works including engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up of the 2×285 MW Simple Cycle Power Generation Plant. ENKA Teknik’s workforce reached to 430 people during the peak periods of the Project. Furthermore, ENKA Teknik provided on shore and offshore training for the Owner’s O&M personnel who will be operating and maintaining the plant.

Specific scope of Services provided by ENKA Teknik included: complete Basic and Detail Design with in-house resources, supply of Balance of Plant system and equipment such as Main Step up, Unit and Auxiliary Distribution Transformers, 16’’ Natural Gas Pipe line with hot taping to 36’’ Gas Pipe, Pressure Reducing and Metering Station, Compressed Air System, Fire Fighting and Detection, Fire Water station with Fire Water ring, Completely Closed CTG Buildings, LDO forwarding Pump Station, LDO Treatment Plant, Ignition Gas Storage, Overhead Travelling Maintenance Crane (130 tons capacity) , HV (220 kV), MV and LV systems with cabling, Distributed Control System with Overhead Line Protection and RTU extension to National Control Center of Libya.

  • 1.7 Million man-hours without a lost time incident
  • On schedule completion
  • Project significantly lowered power shortages in the vicinity of project area and the region
  • Part of Strategic Investment by Libyan Government to cover growing Electricity Demand of Libya.
Type of PlantSimple Cycle Power Plant
Capacity570 MW
Type of FuelBase fuel is natural gas while diesel oil is also available as backup fuel
Configuration2×285 MW
Gas Turbine GeneratorSiemens, Unit: 2 Sets, Model: SGT5-PAC-4000F, Rating Per Unit: 285 MW


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