Our people… our stakeholders… our environment… and whoever/whatever is directly or indirectly affected by our existence… We all deserve “a place” that is free from harm or danger. And this is only because we have set our target as “Zero Accident” and embraced it as a value that encompasses all our decisions – while we are Engineering for a Better Future for our stakeholders.

“Zero Accident” is a strong message and a rigid policy declared to all levels of our people (from leadership to our craftspeople), our stakeholders reminding our commitment to Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Policies.

We implement our stringent Health, Safety, Social and Environmental Policies, procedures and systems devised to protect our people, our environment and our stakeholders being subject to our operations.

Our HSE Management Systems are based on the standards of ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and they are composed of 5 process steps:

Setting HS-ES Policies



Measuring / Monitoring Performance

Management Review


We maintain our “Zero Accident” target in all our operations because ALL ACCIDENTS ARE PREVENTABLE, and that our people, and our stakeholders shall strive to reach this target. Our leadership believes that nothing can veer our people and our stakeholders off this course, and strongly supports and recognizes their efforts and initiatives to hit this target.

To achieve ENKA’s ultimate goal of “Zero Accident”:

  • A strong commitment is demonstrated by ENKA Leadership by “walking the talk” and “setting example”
  • Effective and relevant HSSE training program packages are established immediately upon mobilization to the projects
  • Proactive HSSE programs that focus on “people” and “environment” are adopted
  • Engagement of employees; ENKA People are entitled to “speak up” when it comes to safety.

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