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2027 ENKA Sustainability Goals

With new projects on the horizon, ENKA carries on with its sustainability journey in full force, which was initiated in 2017 by becoming a signatory of United Nations Global Compact and continued by publishing the first ever Sustainability Report in 2018. Within this context, ENKA has determined measurable, realistic and strong sustainability goals for 2027, the 10th year anniversary of the sustainability studies as well as the 70th year anniversary of ENKA Foundation. ENKA’s performance against these goals is shared with all stakeholders regularly through its Sustainability Reports.

These wide-ranging goals, which fall under the 4 categories of ENKA Sustainability Strategy “Doing Good Business”, “Developing Communities”, “Caring for Employees” and “Reducing Environmental Impact”, are products of sustainability approach becoming an essential component of management, corporate culture and business strategies.

ENKA 70th Anniversary Sustainability Goals are presented hereinafter for all of our stakeholders’ attention


We will conduct Environment, Ethics, Human Rights, Social and Occupational Health & Safety audits on 10% of supplier companies that provide project materials, and are audited by independent third party companies which ENKA also works with, by 2027.


We propose to conduct at least 1 audit pertaining to preventing corruption and bribery per year, in all projects and subsidiaries.


Each and every student in ENKA Schools is expected to participate in at least 1 social responsibility project every year.


We aim to continue organizing “ENKA Schools Sustainability Meetingsannually while also broadening its scope.


ENKA Schools will continue to instill sustainability awareness in its teachers.


ENKA Schools aim to achieve top finishes in national and international sports and arts competitions.

We aim to provide Ethics and Human

Rights training to


of our white collar and


of our blue collar employees by 2027.

Our customer satisfaction is

intended to reach 95%

in all group companies by 2027.


We aim to have women employees comprise


of all ENKA Group white collar

employees by 2027.

We intend to conduct an employee

commitment questionnaire once

every two years and to increase

satisfaction ratio to

90% by 2027.

Being the most important of our stakeholders, we genuinely care about our employees and intend to increase our training hours per employee by 5% every year until 2027.


Health & Safety of our employees is a core value in every work activity we conduct. We will continue to work in accordance with our Zero Incident Policy with no compromises at all.


We encourage our employees to take part in corporate volunteering and aim to have 5% of our white collar employees participate in corporate voluntary projects.


ENKA Schools will extend training courses (In or Out of Service Training / Occupational Training / Certificate Programs) to maintain competency and satisfaction of its employees.


All ENKA İnşaat projects are expected to complete at least 2 social responsibility projects in their lifetime.


In order to generalize sustainability studies, we will continue supporting development of youth by sponsoring student assemblies at least 2 times every year until 2027.


Intending to generalize corporate volunteering and voluntary approach in our community, we aim to conduct at least 5 voluntary work projects every year until 2027.


We have set our sights on organizing and assembling “ENKA Sustainability Congress” in 2027 with participants from various sectors and societies.


ENKA Schools will continue their support of education by conducting partnerships and collaboration at least once a year with a public school in close proximity regarding sustainability activities and training.


ENKA Schools Spring Teacher’s Symposium, which is open for public school teachers, participant amount is meant to be increased by 10% by 2027.

ENKA Foundation intends to

increase voluntary community

investment amount

by 20% by 2027.

As ENKA Group

we aim to collaborate

at least 5

times every year with

NGOs and other organizations

that conduct sustainability studies.


We aim to keep Çimtaş’s

greenhouse gas emission

per person-hours per tonnes

of production under

25 tCO2e /


To decrease our blue water footprint,

we plan on realizing at least

2 projects

that aim water reuse within ENKA Group.

We aim to keep ENKA Power Plants’ greenhouse gas emissions per unit energy that is produced, under 400 g CO2e/kWh.


We plan to keep Çimtaş’ domestic water consumption under 15 liters / person-hours.


Working with diligence, we are keen on never encountering a Tier III (>20m3) environmental incident in any ENKA subsidiary.


Addressing the needs of our planet, we intend to conduct at least 2 projects within ENKA Group to increase renewable energy use.


We strive to decrease our carbon footprint and commit to contributing to carbon offsetting by supporting at least 1 forestation project ever year.


As ENKA Group, we intend to never compromise from our policy that banned PET bottle usage in 2018.


ENKA Schools commit to continue with their waste management applications, paper use and treated potable water use policies.