ENKA’s sustainability priorities were established through an intensive process of stakeholder dialogue that included the participation of internal and external stakeholders.

Potential sustainability priorities were listed on the basis of an examination of the dynamics of the sector, information obtained from situation determination meetings, stakeholders’ feedback and relevant internal and external resources. The Sustainability Committee, representing the top management, then held a prioritization workshop to identify the sustainability issues that are of strategic importance for ENKA.

ENKA also carried out face-to-face workshops and/or online surveys with stakeholder groups to learn about the sustainability issues that are significant for its stakeholders and to receive stakeholder feedback. Finally, the inputs obtained from the upper management and the stakeholders were consolidated to identify ENKA’s priority sustainability issues.

During the course of the stakeholder dialogue conducted with ENKA’s employees, suppliers, clients and vendors, non-governmental organizations and professional associations, the Sustainability Committee took into consideration the views and feedback of 266 stakeholder representatives in all.

ENKA’s sustainability priorities also provided inputs for the development of ENKA’s sustainability strategy.

The table below shows the topics that have been included among ENKA’s sustainability priorities:

Doing Good Business

Quality of Products and Services
Economic Performance
Client Satisfaction
Work on Ethics and Compliance

Caring for Employees

Workplace Health and Safety
Employee Training and Development
Employee Rights and Employee Satisfaction

Developing Communities

Contributing to the Local Economy
Enhance positive impacts
Social Investment
Avoid / Mitigate Negative Impacts

Reducing Environmental Impact

Innovation and R&D Work
Carbon and Water Footprint and Energy Efficiency