ENKA believes that for an organization to continue to operate robustly, resiliently and sustainably, it needs not only to implement quality standards but to invest in its employees, all of whom possess superior qualities and sound knowledge relevant to the company’s area of expertise.

ENKA values its employees and seeks to create a culture of empowerment within which they can achieve their organizational and personal goals, resulting in a more motivated, cooperative and stronger workforce and a better working environment.

As part of these efforts, ENKA Academy was founded in September 2015 to provide skills development and learning opportunities to ENKA personnel and to support the attainment of corporate objectives.

The program of the Academy, which is managed in-house, is designed to increase management abilities and aims to develop the professional skills, process awareness, technical knowledge, leadership and management capabilities of employees.



Training courses offered as part of the curriculum of ENKA Academy are developed by Corporate Groups and/or Subject Experts, working under the supervision of the Corporate Quality Department, in such a way as to ensure the career and personal development of the employees. In addition, ENKA Academy cooperates with universities and leading training firms to make the training it provides as effective as possible.

The training programmes included in the ENKA Academy curriculum are provided either by the company’s own experts or by leading training institutions and academic units in the sector. Since its establishment, ENKA Academy has provided over 2,300 hours of training involving more than 8,100 participants.

Alongside ENKA Academy, the Project Training Departments which are established at project sites and which function in continuous communication with İstanbul Headquarters has delivered more than 9.85 million person-hours of training. These training activities have contributed to the development of the local population in countries where ENKA is active.

ENKA Academy covers courses under the following categories:

Business Development

Commissioning and Start-up

Computer Skills

Construction Management

Document Management

Engineering Management

Finance & Accounting

Health, Safety and Environment

HR and Administration

Information Management



Machinery & Equipment Management

Prime Contract & Risk Management


Project Controls

Project Management

Quality Control

Quality Management


Soft Skills