The scale and spread of ENKA’s operations necessitates a proactive approach to security and implementation of a globally viable threat assessment. Therefore, we always give security the utmost priority over all commercial concerns and ENKA is committed to providing a secure working environment for our people and protecting our operations.

We owe it to our people and stakeholders to do our best to understand and mitigate this wide range of security threats in a manner that is respectful to human rights, relevant laws and work ethics.

Our strategy is to

  • Provide protective security, including physical security of our worksites and accommodation camps enforced with professional guard forces where necessary
  • Constantly train our people on security to increase their awareness
  • Prepare for and manage crisis incidents, ensuring we respond quickly and effectively to any event that has the potential to harm our people, business or reputation

Our Team

  • We have a team of security professionals that oversees and provides guidance on best practice. This security team applies our standards and manages security services where we operate. We work closely with other departments across our company such as HSE, Quality Management, HR as well as business development units to ensure security advice and support is provided at the right time and place
  • We conduct project specific threat and risk assessments to identify security risks and implement security plans to mitigate them.  Where we have identified a risk, we contract services such as security guarding and response services, using local capability where appropriate.  All service providers are vetted as part of the contracting process. Where we feel there is a need to build local capacity, our security manager will work with the provider in those areas of concern
  • We also collaborate with partners and other companies in our sector, sharing knowledge about situations and incidents where appropriate. We also work with a number of trusted external consultants.