Dedicated to deliver its projects with the highest quality and the most optimal cost in order to progress in the highly competitive market, we believe in ENKA that utilization of the most contemporary technology is of key importance for achieving our objectives.

ENKA IT Department was founded in the middle of 1970s, employing mainframe, midi and mini computers commercially available at that time. Since then ENKA has designed and developed its business software and its application portfolio which has been evolved according to the rapidly changing environment and fiercely improving technology. The philosophy has always been to keep all offices and job sites in contact even when they are dispersed to the most distant places in the world and provide information security.

ENKA adheres to the most contemporary technology and industry standards to build its communication and information infrastructure.

IT Infrastructure

ENKA IT is making sure that following points are taken into consideration thoroughly when setting up systems for a project or office:

  • All risks should be clearly identified and measures against security risks and threats are defined in the disaster recovery plan
  • Offices and job sites must all have Internet access with reasonable bandwidths and linked to the head office with secure VPN connections
  • All wide area connections must be secured using proper firewalls, antivirus, antimalware and intrusion detection systems
  • All data rooms in the organization must be furnished according to the industry standards and secured appropriately. Data rooms should be equipped with sufficient and redundant UPS and air conditioning devices
  • Power consumption is monitored regularly and should be kept at reasonable levels for the environment. Low power consuming devices should be preferred
  • Operating systems, office automation software, utilities and tools are regularly updated against security risks and threats
  • Access to all resources must be authorized using role based permissions and strong passwords
  • Users must be periodically trained about security risks and acceptable use policy
  • A disaster recovery site is equipped for head office data room. Backups are maintained properly in daily, weekly and monthly basis. Backup archives should be stored in secure places against fire and theft and retained in relevant periods of time shown in the quality plans
  • Outdated or irrelevant data should be disposed of properly against theft and leakage. Obsolete equipment should be discarded responsibly for recycling in order not to harm the environment.

Project Management Functions & ENKA Integrated Business Management Tools

Following diagram is showing the interrelations existing between Project Management Functions and ENKA Integrated Business Management Tools.

ENKA IT Department is working collaboratively with the ENKA Quality Department for the design and development of these integrated tools to be used on all projects as a standart requirement.