The overall task of the Investors Relations Department of ENKA, being publicly traded since 1986 when the stock exchange was first opened in Turkey, is to establish, maintain and develop effective relations between ENKA and its existing and potential stakeholders and to regularly provide them information about any company-related matters.

The Investors Relations Department performs its activities in compliance with the corporate governance principles as generally accepted in the international capital markets, which activities include: providing any correspondences between the investors and the Company as well as any other documents and records of any relevant information to be properly safekept and updated; replying the stakeholders’ requests for information about the Company; preparing any documents required to be submitted to the shareholders and stakeholders for the information and review thereof for the General Assembly Meetings, and taking the necessary measures for ensuring the General Assembly Meetings to be held in compliance with the relevant applicable legislation, the Articles of Association of the Company as well as the internal regulations; ensuring the fulfilment of any obligations arising out of any applicable capital market legislation including the corporate governance principles as well as the applicable rules of public disclosure.

In the performance of these tasks, the webpage of the Company, its annual report, the Public Disclosure Platform as well as any other channels are actively used.