Established by ENKA in 1991

In 1991 ENKA anticipated that there would be unique investment opportunities in Moscow as the free market economy developed. This led to the establishment of MOSENKA, the very first real estate investment company in the city. The aim was to provide local and international companies entering the Russian market with a high-quality service in keeping with Western standards. MOSENKA soon proved itself a reliable developer and successfully integrated into the local business environment.

ENKA now owns 100% stake in MOSENKA, developing and renting out office spaces, aimed at meeting Moscow’s growing demand.

MOSENKA has reconstructed six historic buildings with a total construction area of 46,500 m² and converted them into modern office buildings, all of which are serving close to their rental capacity. Tenants of MOSENKA include well-known local and international companies, such as Accor, Air Liquide, Claas, IPSEN, J.P. Morgan Bank, LEGO, Lexmark, Lufthansa and United Financial Capital Bank.