ENKA has a long track record for providing high-caliber civil construction services across the world. The Company’s Building Works Business-line has been working on projects that feature imaginative designs, luxury finishes, inspirational locations and cutting-edge architecture.

For more than a half century, ENKA engineered, managed and built some of the most complex civil projects of the modern era in the diverse and challenging environments. As a result of our work, many of these projects have been selected by industry surveys as best-in-class globally or in their respective regions.

ENKA’s Building Works Business-line performs projects under two main categories: contracting projects and investment projects. Under these categories, scope of works involves the construction of business centers & high rises, public buildings, malls & shopping centers, urban developments, industrial plants and embassy compounds.


In Russian Federation and in the CIS countries, ENKA is one of the largest developers, designers and constructors of business centers and high rises. Our innovative, market-leading developments include Moscow City Plot 4 Imperial Tower, Moscow City Plot 12 Eurasia Tower, White Square Office Center (Moscow), Tsvetnoy Multifunctional Complex (Moscow), IKEA Business Park (Moscow), Donstroi Office and Administrative Center (Moscow), E+K Sadovaya Plaza Office Building (Moscow), Esentai Park Complex (Republic of Kazakhstan), Audi Car Center and High-rise Office Building (Moscow).

ENKA has extensive expertise in delivering public buildings projects involving hotels, hospitals, airports, sport complexes, cultural buildings and administrative buildings. Some of the landmark projects we completed recently are Ufa Perinatal Medical Center (Bashkortostan), Lapino Perinatal Medical Center (Moscow), Muscat International Airport (Oman), Sheremetyevo International Airport (Moscow), Baku International Airport (Baku), Reconstruction of Russian Government House (Moscow), Supreme Court of Russian Federation (Moscow), Reconstruction of Russian Parliament Building (Moscow), Moscow Tax Inspectorate (Moscow), Refurbishment of Ministry of Finance (Moscow), Moscow International House of Music, Dushanbe 5 Star Hyatt Regency Hotel (Tajikistan), FC Shakhtar, Donetsk Stadium (Ukraine), Corinthia Nevskij Palace Hotel (St. Petersburg).

ENKA also provides cutting-edge malls & shopping centers construction services. Our capabilities in the malls & shopping centers include development management, and project management and construction. We can partner with our customers to deliver tailor-made solutions at all phases of the development, from initial concept to planning, design, pricing, construction and fit out. Among the projects completed under this segment are Esentai Park Shopping Mall (Republic of Kazakhstan), IKEA Mega Commercial Center (Moscow), Metropolis Shopping Center (Moscow), MIBC Central Core Shopping & Entertainment Complex (Moscow), Petrovsky Passage Shopping Center (Moscow), various Real Shopping Centers and Hypermarkets.

ENKA has delivered a range of significant urban development projects across Oman, Libya, Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation as well. The urban development projects we delivered are a demonstration of our commitment to bring communities and spaces back to life by not just creating the best buildings but creating the best places for living.

ENKA’s Building Works Business-line completed various industrial plant projects across Russian Federation, Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Jordan and Ethiopia.

Following the collaboration between ENKA and Caddell Construction Co. of the USA for the building of the US Consulate project in İstinye, Istanbul, which was completed in 2003, the two companies agreed that ENKA will provide consultancy and services for the construction on future US Embassy building projects. The employer for all these projects is the US State Department’s Bureau of Overseas Construction Operations. Within the framework of this agreement, the construction of the US Embassy building in Cameroon was completed in 2005, and embassy buildings in Guinea, Mali and Sierra Leone were completed in 2006. Embassy buildings in Algeria and Nepal were completed in 2007 and a Sarajevo, Bosnia project was completed in 2010. Djibouti was completed in 2011 and Burundi was completed in 2012 and Equatorial Guinea was completed in 2013, and subsequently, the Dominican Republic project was completed in 2014. While the Papua New Guinea project was cancelled, a new embassy project in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan was awarded in 2014. The embassy project in Afghanistan was awarded in 2010, with Russia, the Netherlands, Mauritania and a US Navy Project in Camp Lemonier, Djibouti added in 2013.


Today, ENKA is both the developer and the owner of many prestigious projects in Russian Federation that feature the modern technologies of “Intelligent Building” efficient layouts and interior premises fitted-out in accordance with international standards and automated engineering and safety control systems. Among the landmark projects under this category are Paveletskaya Plaza Business Center, Moscow City The Naberezhnaya Tower, Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center, MOSENKA Office Buildings and Riverside Towers.

It is also worthy to note that ENKA, with professional teams located on site, is carrying out the maintenance and administrative management of all these buildings. ENKA’s real estate investment projects have become the compelling choice for many leading international and Russian Companies.

In majority of these projects, ENKA has performed design engineering, fabrication, construction and commissioning services with in-house resources and on a direct hire principle, always with continuous focus on safety, quality and schedule, thoroughly understanding and aligning to the expectations of its customers. Only very limited specialist work (if so requested by customers or required skill is not available in-house) is subcontracted to specialized subcontractors.

To date ENKA’s Building Works Business-line has completed more than 300 projects in various countries with a contract value exceeding 19 billion US Dollars.

In this business line, the expertise we deliver to our customers include;

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Design

  • Project Management

  • Design-build Project Delivery

  • Testing & Commissioning

  • Master Planning

  • Value Engineering and Constructability Analyses

  • Risk Management

  • Environmental Assessments

  • Operational Readiness Planning

  • Project Controls

  • Procurement & Logistics

  • Direct Hire Construction

  • Construction Management