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Ras Lanuf New Town

Ras Lanuf New Town Project provides housing and supporting facilities for employees working in the petroleum industry in the Ras Lanuf Area. The project’s main objective was to create a well functioning urban settlement of high quality with all the necessary services, in order to attract the manpower required for the petrochemicals and other industries, as well as for administrative and other services. To create an attractive town, the consultant placed special emphasis on conserving the traditional Libyan urban lifestyle, ensuring a high level of service, while protecting the town against pollution, providing suitable air­ conditioning and landscaping.

The site for the Ras Lanuf Town is spread over an area between the seventh and thirteenth km. south – east of As Sidrah, approximately 650 km. east of Tripoli, located mainly between the coast and the coastal highway. Along with the dwelling units, the construction of motels, health care facilities, educational facilities, sports and recreational facilities, mosques, a commercial center, administration buildings and light industry areas were included in the project.

Project Description

Ras Lanuf New Town, Contract No: 11, 12 & Phase 1, 2

  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction
KUTLUTAŞ – ENKA Joint Venture (ENKA share 45%)
Secretariat of Heavy Industries, Brega and Ras Lanuf Higher Committee
Key Quantities

Major Quantities (Contract 11):

Reinforcement12,000 tons
Concrete290,000 m3
Insulation260,000 m²
Aluminium Works43,000 m2
Carpentery Works61,000 m²
Pipe Works250,000 m


Major Quantities (Contract 12):

Concrete45,000 m3
Bricklaying50,000 m²
Insulation120,000 m²
Reinforcement3.400 tons
Formwork195,000 m²


Major Quantities (Phase 1 & 2, Additional Works):

Earthwork415,000 m3
Filling540,000 m3
Concrete88,500 m3
Formwork490,000 m²
Reinforcement4,900 tons
Painting450,000 m²
Insulation140,000 m²
Bricklaying40,000 m²
Project Duration

Contract 11

Start Date01.02.1981
Finish Date01.05.1985
Duration52 Months


Contract 12

Start Date01.07.1981
Finish Date01.05.1985
Duration47 Months


Phase 1 & 2, Additional Works

Start Date01.03.1990
Finish Date01.06.1994
Duration52 Months


Ras Lanuf, Libya

The construction of the new town began with the award to ENKA of Contracts 11 and 12 and the Extension for the Ras Lanuf New Town Phase 1 and 2.

Contract No 11:

The turnkey construction of a total of 1,129 villa type housing units, 253 of which are two-storey buildings and the rest are single-storey. Each villa is located on a lot of 380 m2 and total floor area amounts to 238,000 m2.

The project also includes infrastructure work, such as roads, underpasses, sewerage systems, rainwater drainage systems, water supply networks, irrigation, electricity installations, a natural gas supply and telecommunication systems. Interior furnishing and landscaping is also included in the contract.

The main structural elements of these buildings are reinforced concrete walls and floors with a slab thickness of 15 cm. The dual side application of a two piece­ tunnel formwork system was selected for the construction, as there were more than a 100 repetitions of structural elements that were well within the limits for the practical application of tunnel formwork systems. This choice has maintained good quality, while assuring speedy erection with reduced labor requirements.

The precast roof slabs, together with stairs and awnings for the buildings were prefabricated on site and erected.

Contract No 12:

The work included the design and turn-key construction of five motels with a total floor area of 16,500 m², five three-storey apartment houses with a total floor area of 32,000 m², a primary school, a kindergarten, a supermarket with a total floor area of 11,500 m² and two water tanks, each with a capacity of 20,000 m³, a sewage treatment plant, a water supply system, electrical and mechanical installations.

Extension for the Ras Lanuf New Town Phase 1 and 2

The work included the design and turn-key construction of 360 houses with garages, one preparatory school, one multi-purpose office and one 56 bed hospital with a total floor area of 10,000 m². The project also included all infrastructure, landscaping, natural gas network system, telecommunication systems, an 11 KV energy system, transformer buildings and the interior furnishing of the houses.


During the peak construction time of the residential buildings there were 3,356 people on the job site, of which 114 were engineers and technicians, 110 were administrative staff, 340 were mechanics and 2,792 were laborers.


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