Aiming to provide the best solutions and always surpass expectations, ENKA’s Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals business unit serves its customers globally in upstream, midstream, downstream and energy segments delivering engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, commissioning and start-up services as well as discrete assignments.

ENKA’s experience in the oil and gas industry dates back to 1970s with its involvement in construction of various petrochemicals plants, oil refining facilities, storage tanks and pipelines in Turkey. Subsequently, following major international clients such as BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Shell and Lukoil worldwide for decades, ENKA has proven strength in working at remote locations with lack of infrastructure and under extremely harsh climatic conditions. Some of the signature projects we have delivered construction and other services for are:

  • SCPX Early Works and Facilities Project, Georgia
  • Crude Shipment Capacity New Tank Farm Project, Kazakhstan
  • West Qurna 1 Oil Field Development, Iraq
  • TANAP – Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline Project, Turkey
  • North Rumaila Crude Oil Pumpstation (PS1), Iraq
  • Structural Steel and Mechanical Erection Works of Khabarovsk Refinery, Russian Federation
  • Early Production Facilities Project, Majnoon Oil Field Development, Iraq
  • Sakhalin I&II Onshore Processing Facilities Projects, Sakhalin Island, Russian Federation
  • DeKastri Oil Export Terminal, Russian Federation
  • Second Generation Plant Project, Tengiz Oil Field, Kazakhstan
  • Kashagan Oil Field Development Project, Kazakhstan

ENKA has successfully overcome the technical and logistical challenges inherent to the social conditions, landscape and environment at every instance, delivering the best outcomes for its clients constantly.

Embracing the “Zero Accidents” philosophy as a core value, professionals of ENKA Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals utilizes the vast experience, innovative methods and best practices gained over the years on many oil and gas projects worldwide to improve performance and quality ensuring top value. With access to a human resource pool of over 30,000 construction personnel, and a construction equipment and machinery park of over 3,000 pieces, ENKA is able to mobilize rapidly to any location on the world map and start providing services in the highest quality.

ENKA Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals business-line’s proven capabilities worldwide give our clients the confidence to call us for complete solutions for their greenfield and brownfield projects — irrespective of scale and complexity. ENKA has undertaken oil and gas projects in Turkey, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Libya, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Saudi Arabia with an overall contracted value of over 9 billion USD to date.

ENKA Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals business group can undertake following scopes by directly utilizing in-house resources or solely owned ENKA subsidiaries;

Detailed Engineering and Design

Procurement of all Permanent Project Materials

Fabrication / Manufacturing of all Steel Structures and Piping

Fabrication / Manufacturing of most static Process Equipment

Modularization or Packaging of Process Units

Transport, Logistics and Management of all Project Equipment & Material

Construction and Installation Services in all Disciplines

Commissioning and Start-up Services