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FGP Multi-Well Pads Civil Installation

Tengizchevroil (TCO) has been undertaking a large-scale expansion of its existing facilities through the development of the Future Growth Project (FGP) / Wellhead Pressure Management Project (WPMP). The expansion resulted in the signing of a new contract for the construction of new greenfield processing plants and some brownfield facilities in the same area.

Under the project, the following activities have been carried out by Senimdi Kurylys LLP, an equal joint venture between ENKA and Bechtel  across 18 different work sites: road construction, work site clearance and grubbing, site preparation, excavation works, installation of grounding lines, construction of wellhead cellars and auger and precast concrete pile installations, pile testing and cropping, construction of pile cap and precast foundations, construction of emergency flare pits, construction of reserve and technical water pits, and construction of HDPE technical water lines.

Project Description

FGP Multi-Well Pads Civil Installation

  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Senimdi Kurylys LLP (Bechtel-ENKA Joint Venture)
Tengizchevroil Limited / KPJV (Kazakh Projects Joint Venture)
Key Quantities
Concrete Driven Pile2,700 ea
Excavation45,000 m³
Fill520,000 m³
Concrete8,500 m³
HDPE Pipeline8″ – 6,600 m
Project Duration
Start Date01.11.2015
Finish Date31.01.2019
Duration40 Months


Tengiz, Republic of Kazakhstan


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