ENKA Machinery and Equipment Group is organized around the needs of ENKA projects to support the individual construction teams on each job.

ENKA currently owns and operates a diverse equipment fleet ranging from small skid steer loaders to heavy crawler cranes. The replacement value of the equipment measures approximately USD 300 Million.

ENKA’s philosophy has always been and will continue to be, whenever possible, to build projects with ENKA employees and to utilize ENKA’s own construction equipment. This approach has empowered project management teams to maximize control of their jobsites by providing ability to complete their projects in a time frame and with high quality, meeting the requirements of our customers.

The decision to employ such a large amount of financial resources towards our fleet is a strategic, capital-intensive investment ultimately meant to better serve the schedule demands of our customers, while maximizing the value-added in providing the most reliable, cost effective equipment solution possible.

ENKA Machinery and Equipment Group has identified safety critical items in equipment specification, in line with the risks inherent to construction job sites regarding mobile equipment and personnel interface areas. All purchased equipment shall conform to the mandatory standards and checklists issued by the ENKA Machinery and Equipment Group. Centralized procurement at corporate level and routine inspections applied by project equipment personnel assures compliance to the highest safety and quality standards issued by the company.

ENKA employs a competent, lean staff of both management and mechanic personnel chartered to service the equipment needs across the entire business units based on project requirements. ENKA, through internal and internationally recognized third party training partners strives to increase competence level of all equipment group personnel irrespective of their position, starting from operators and mechanics at job sites up to managerial level employees.

ENKA Machinery and Equipment Group is responsible for coordination of all equipment operations across all project locations around the world. Group responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating procurement and mobilization of construction equipment for the projects based on construction equipment schedule and additional project requirements
  • Ensuring all equipment is safe, mechanically sound and meets all applicable safety & quality codes and standards when delivered to project location
  • Assisting construction teams in developing the construction equipment schedule and the related cost estimate for projects
  • Providing input to the overall construction execution plan including site layout, construction equipment requirements, construction equipment maintenance facilities, tools and heavy lift and heavy haul plan
  • Assisting projects in identifying project equipment group personnel and proposing suitable applicants for hire
  • Ensuring company procedures and inspection requirements are followed and regularly audited at project locations
  • Ensuring that preventative maintenance plans developed and followed through for all equipment to increase equipment availability, profitability and safe operation.