The first and foremost task of the Accounting Department of ENKA is to effectively perform the business reporting process and to provide accurate and reliable accounting information and data about the operating activities of the Company to the top management thereof in due course. In doing so, by working with team spirit, the accounting staff provides the performance, in due time, of the recognition of all fiscal records to be entered into the statutory accounting books, preparation of the financial statements, reporting in various financial issues as well as accurately, completely and updatedly recognition of all financial and fiscal transactions in accordance with the generally accepted accounting standards and the applicable legislation, all in compliance with the relevant applicable procedures of the Company.

Since ENKA is a publicly traded company doing business worldwide in various sectors of the industry such as engineering & construction, real estate and energy, the Accounting Department is required to perform its aforesaid tasks seriously and rigorously in the sense of corporate governance principles so that the financial statements thereof give a true and fair view of its financial position and the reporting is always made timely and updatedly in compliance with the applicable legislation.

Nowadays all accounting-related correspondences, communications and notices as well as any announcements related to purchase and sale instructions and transactions are transmitted in electronic environment, the individual and collective target of all staff members of the Accounting Department is to keep step with the rapidly changing and developing process and to trace and correctly apply any amendments in the applicable legislation.