Welcome to ENKA Global Vendor Network (EGVN)

ENKA maintains a global vendor database which serves as a primary vendor source for its global procurement activities, called EGVN.

EGVN is a web based environment where information pertinent to all kinds of third parties which are in business relation with ENKA, is centrally maintained.


Why to register?

Registered companies in our vendor database is more likely to be contacted first while we request an offer for any material or service for our projects worldwide, hence there would be an increased opportunity for your company to introduce your goods or services.

Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to improve your services in the direction of our expectations, which would eventually results in having a long-term business relation together, based on win-win approach.

Whom to register?

Those vendors who seeks to collaborate with ENKA on supplying materials, equipment or providing services that you believe we are most likely to purchase, considering our business activities as detailed on our web page, see What We Do (http://www.enka.com/what-we-do/).

How to register?

Please follow the instructions illustrated in the “EGVN Supplier Portal User Manual”.

Download User Manual


ENKA Global Vendor Network (EGVN)


ENKA Supplier Code of Conduct