ENKA Corporate Supply Chain Department combines ENKA’s knowledge and experience of more than 60 years with the technological methods of our age. Starting from the planning of purchasing activities and continuing with proposals, pre-proposals, corporate contracts, purchase orders, shipments, material receipts, stock management, the department supports projects to monitor and to optimize the entire end-to-end procurement process, resulting in the consumption of goods / services and aims to ensure that the related processes are carried out at the highest standards of the industry.

Operational procurement at ENKA is carried out by the procurement departments within projects themselves. Corporate Supply Chain Department does not make operational purchases, but plays a role in the establishment and training of procurement teams on a project basis. The department aims to increase the efficiency of processes by supporting and auditing procurement teams with technological and strategic opportunities, as well as collecting company-wide feedback and good practices.

For this purpose, the department consists of two parts;


“e-Sourcing Team” where online tender and digital purchasing processes are managed


“Analytics team” where all the data belonging to the processes are analyzed and synthesized

The main responsibilities of the department are;

Establishing, updating and improving procurement procedures,

Planning the training of purchasing personnel,

Contributing to the solution of possible bottlenecks and difficulties in purchasing processes,

Digitizing the purchasing process, developing the required technological solutions with ENKA Systems,

Ensuring that e-procurement processes are carried out transparently and from a single source with the aim of long-term commercial relations by optimizing the benefits of all stakeholders,

Making periodic analyzes by performing performance measurements of processes and all stakeholders involved in the process,

Carrying out strategic purchasing activities in terms of defined categories,

Ensuring the proper implementation of company procedures and control requirements at the project sites and conducting regular audits, providing support to field teams,

Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the records on the systems.