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Former USSR – Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline

The natural gas pipeline of 842 km, 36-24 inch extends from the Bulgarian border of Turkey to Ankara, including a total of 118 km of offshore pipeline between Ambarli – Pendik and Dil Iskelesi-Hersek in the Marmara Sea at a maximum depth of 90 m. The pipeline has an annual capacity to deliver 14 bcm of natural gas, under 70 barg pressure, into Turkey through the Ukraine.

Consortium of ENKA/Spie-Capag/Brown and Root entered into a contract with BOTAŞ for the construction of the Former USSR – Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline in September 1986. The detail design of the pipeline facilities had been done by Fluor (UK) Ltd.

The contract also included a 20 MW compressor station, 11 reducing and metering stations, 9 pig stations, 32 line valves, a dispatching center, 3 maintenance center, and telecommunication and telecontrol systems. The project was financed through a number of export credit agencies, such as US Exim, JEXIM, Coface and ECGD.

Project Description

USSR – Turkey Natural Gas Pipeline Project

  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Consortium of ENKA/Spie-Capag/Brown & Root
BOTAŞ – Transportation by Pipelines Inc.
Key Quantities
Off-Shore Pipelaying (90m depth)118 km
Compressor Station20 MW
Reducing & Metering Station11 ea
Pig Stations9 ea
Line Valves32 ea
Dispatching Center1 ea
Maintenance Centers3 ea
Project Duration
Start Date01.09.1986
Finish Date01.09.1988
Duration24 Months



Construction of the pipeline was undertaken by the Consortium of ENKA/Spie-Capag/Brown and Root.  The detail design of the pipeline facilities had been done by Fluor (UK) Ltd.

  • 842 km 24-36” gas pipeline of which 118 km part is offshore at a max depth of 90 m.

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