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West Qurna 2 Gas Treatment, Power Generation and Distribution

West Qurna-2 is a giant oil field in southern Iraq with recoverable reserves estimated at 13 billion barrels. In 2009, a consortium led by LUKOIL won a tender for the development of the field. As part of the oil field development, LUKOIL envisaged a Gas Turbine Power Plant to supply power to all oil production facilities.

ENKA was awarded the engineering, procure­ment, construction and commissioning con­tract for the 3 x 42 MW Simple Cycle Power Generation Plant and Power Distribution Proj­ect by LUKOIL in December 2011.

The specific content of the plant included; three (3) GE MS6001B Heavy Duty Dual Fuel Gas Turbine Generators – Simple Cycle – 42 MW each, a Fuel Gas Treatment Plant (45,000 Nm3/hour capacity) and a compression system included with fuel gas buffer storage, a liquid fuel unloading, storage and distribution system; 33kV/132kV GIS switchgear, power management system, a water treatment plant; fire fighting and protection systems, utilities’ networks; all associated balance of plant, buildings and infrastructure.

A major effort for the delivery of materials and civil, mechanical, and electrical and instrumentation construction works took place during 2013. The number of personnel employed by ENKA for the Project reached 1,000 people at its peak. Pre-commissioning and commissioning activities started in September 2013 and Mechanical Completion was accomplished by the end of the year.  The project had passed the performance test and reliability runs by the end of May and the Provisional Acceptance Certificate was received in July, 2014.

Project Description

West Qurna-2, Gas Treatment, Power Generation & Distribution

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing & Pre-commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning, Start-up
Ministry of Oil of Iraq. Operator: Lukoil Mid-East Limited
ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Key Quantities
Earthworks120,000 m³
Concrete32,000 m³
Structural Steel600 tons
A/G Piping300 tons
Cabling385,000 lm
Mech. Equipment5,250 tons
Buildings3,200 m²
Project Duration
Start Date20.12.2011
Finish Date21.07.2014
Duration31 Months


Basrah, Iraq

The project has higher level of operational intelligence and reliability, compared to a standard power plant, due to its being the sole source of electric power for a giant oil field. The plant was designed under strict oil and gas standards and specifications (API) with significant design margins and redundancy requirements.

The project had started from a farm land being cultivated by farmers. ENKA, while executing the work, successfully managed cultural relations with locals to avoid any clashes, maintained good relations with the neighboring villages. The plant is located adjacent to the 400 kbpd Central Processing Facility (CPF) and construction was partly performed during commissioning of the CPF in a high hydrocarbon environment.

Remote location and high temperatures during summer months created unique challenges for the project workforce peaked at 1,000 people. ENKA set up and maintained a safe and high quality job site inclusive of a good camp with recreational areas and provided high quality catering services. A robust safety and security approach was deployed and implemented by ENKA throughout the project duration to protect our workforce, our customer, as well as the environment and communities surrounding the project. The project was completed with 3.6 million person-hours without a loss time accident indicating the fact that measures taken were effective.

Over 15 thousand tons of project materials and equipment had been shipped to the jobsite through congested Umm Qasr port and partially northern routes. Significant planning and route surveys were required for the successful transportation of oversized cargo. The compliance with frequently changing Iraqi customs regulations and bureaucracy involved in timely customs clearance of goods was a major challenge. ENKA managed to customs clear all project cargo without any disputes with forwarders or customs authorities with careful planning and strictly adhering to the laws and requirements.


ENKA performed the full front-end engineering design, detailed engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up and performance testing scope of works for the project, utilizing in-house resources on a lump sum turnkey basis.

The specific content of the plant included; three (3) GE MS6001B Heavy Duty Dual Fuel Gas Turbine Generators – Simple Cycle – 42 MW each – ISO conditions; one complete set of 132 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear; one complete set of 33 kV Gas Insulated Switchgear; one complete set of 6.6 kV Air Insulated Switch Gear; step up and step down power transformers; a black start system, PMS (Power Management System); a Central Electrical Control Room; a Gas Treatment Plant (45,000 Nm3 /hour capacity) and compression system included with fuel gas buffer storage in order to allow automatic fuel switchover without having any power interruption or load reduction on gas turbines; liquid fuel tank storage and transfer system; a water treatment plant; firefighting and protection systems, utilities’ networks; all associated buildings including a maintenance shop, all roads and other paved areas including hard and soft landscaping; all security fencing, gates and gate house, CCTV cameras and perimeter lighting. ENKA further provided training for the O&M personnel who will be operating and maintaining the plant.

  • 3.6 million workhours without a lost time incident
  • Achieved 40% Iraqi content on project person-hours
  • Provided significant training opportunities and turned many local craft with little or no disciplined industrial construction work experience into productive workers
  • Raised awareness relating to health, safety, environment, security and quality amongst direct hired personnel and subcontractors
Type of PlantSimple Cycle Power Plant
Capacity126 MW
Type of FuelPrimary: Raw Gas, Back-up: Diesel
Configuration3 x 42 MW
Gas Turbine GeneratorGeneral Electric, Unit: 3 Sets, Model: MS6001B API-Class Heavy Duty, Rating Per Unit: 42 MW


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