SCPX Early Works and Facilities

The South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion (SCPX) Project was designed to increase the capacity of the South Caucasus Pipeline System. The existing 690 km pipeline, which transports gas from the Sangachal terminal in Azerbaijan to markets in Georgia and Turkey, is 42” in diameter and has a system design capacity of 7.4 bcma.

The expansion involved laying a new 48” pipeline which increased the capacity of the system by approximately 16 bcma and connected it to the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline. A joint venture between Bechtel and ENKA (BEJV) was awarded the SCPX Early Works and Facilities contract on February 7th 2014.

Under the contract, BEJV was responsible for all related early civil works and facilities construction for the two Compressor Stations (CSG-1 and CSG-2) and a pressure reduction and metering station (AREA 81) at three different locations in Georgia.

The early works stage for Compressor Station 2 (CSG-2) included the construction of a 15 km access road between the existing Millennium Highway and the Compressor Station.

In addition to the construction of new facilities in three different locations, the scope of works also included brownfield work at the existing facilities located inside the Pumping Station Georgia (PSG-1), at Gardabani and the Pressure Reduction & Metering Station (AREA 80) at Vale.

The construction of the Pressure Reduction and Metering Station (AREA 81) was completed in 2017 and the facility became operational the same year following commissioning works.

Project Description

Early Works & Facilities Construction for South Caucasus Pipeline Expansion

  • Partial Procurement
  • Fabrication of Structural Steel & Pipe Spools
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Partial Procurement, Fabrication of Structural Steel & Pipe Spools, Construction
BECHTEL & ENKA Joint Venture (50 %)
South Caucasus Pipeline Company Ltd
BP (UK) 28.8%, SOCAR (Azerbaijan) 16.7%, Petronas (Malaysia) 15.5%, Lukoil (Russia) 10%, Naftiran Intertrade (Iran) 10%, Türkiye Petrolleri Anonim Ortaklığı (TPAO)(Turkey) (%19)
Key Quantities

Process Buildings21,298 m²
Non-process Buildings2,626 m²
LER Building475 m²
Concrete Works64,295 m³
Structural Steel9,363 tons
Pipe Works5,792 tons

Project Duration

Start Date07.02.2014
Finish Date31.10.2019
Duration70 Months


Tbilisi, Georgia


The Project sites are located remotely, requiring ENKA to set up pioneer camps to accommodate the project personnel and construction equipment while construction of access roads and carrying out early civil works.

CSG-1 site is a large, flat, straight sided pastoral field with heavy, loamy clay soil that is susceptible to seasonal flooding. CSG-2 site is located west of Lake Tsalka at an altitude of approximately 1,700 m above sea level. The AREA 81 site is located in a valley close to the Georgia – Turkey border. CSG-2 and AREA 81 locations have cold winters with snow cover for about 90 days, long mild summers and moderately high rainfall. Construction works are scheduled carefully considering the seasonal challenges and winterization measures are allowed and planned as required for an uninterrupted execution.

Through carefully prepared management plans and method statements, ENKA ensured minimum disruption to the wild life, environment and communities surrounding the project locations. Temporary works areas were be reinstated to near original condition upon completion of construction.

  • The construction and commissioning assistance works on Compressor Station CSG-1 were successfully completed in August 2018. The compressor station has a plot area of 120,000 m2 , including 9,000 m2 of covered space. A total of 9 million person-hours were expended at the CSG-1 worksite, including the brownfield works on the adjacent MS-72 site.
  • All the construction and commissioning assistance works on compressor station CSG-2 were successfully completed in May 2019. The construction and hand-over of the access road had been completed in 2017. A total of 13.2 million person-hours had been expended at the CSG-2 worksite.
  • All construction and commissioning assistance works at the AREA 81 Pressure Reduction and Metering Station were successfully completed in 2017. The AREA 81 worksite, including the brownfield work at the adjacent MS-80 site, was completed with a total of 3.5 million person-hours of work.

  • Project is to increase gas supply and energy security to European markets through the opening of a new southern gas corridor
  • Highest safety, quality and environmental standards are being utilized for this signature project
  • 70% local content
  • Received the 2018 ENR Global Best Project Award under Power / Industrial Category for its SCPX Area 81 Project
  • SPCX – Area 81 Project has been awarded with the Merit prize by British Safety Council in “International Safety Awards 2018”


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