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Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Pre-Com&Commissioning Works on EPC-3 Island

The ENKA-MSS joint venture (JV) was awarded the contract by NCOC in May 2016. It involves the execution of civil, mechanical, electrical, pre-commissioning and commissioning works on EPC-3 Island in the Kashagan area of the Caspian Sea.

EPC-3 Island had previously been constructed by ENKA in 2007 for the client’s drilling ctivities. At the beginning of 2016, ENKA-MSS JV signed a contract with the client for re-configuration works.

All works under this contract were commenced in May 2016 and completed early 2017 and EPC-3 Island has been producing oil and gas since February 2017 via main production and processing Complex, D-Island, which is also known as Hub-1.

Project Description

Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Pre-Com&Commissioning Works on EPC-3 Island

    Project Features

    Scope of Work
    Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning Works
    North Caspian Operating Company N.V. (NCOC)
    Key Quantities
    Precast Element Fabrication and Transportation6,912 ea
    Excavation and Sand bedding7,300 m3
    Backfilling3,900 m3
    In situ Concrete Works (Manifold module foundation, open drain tank, trenches, ducting etc..)1,253 m3
    Installation of Skid Beam109 ton
    Supply and Filling of Haulage Material7,150 ton
    Dismantling & Waste Materials Removal8,750 ton
    Gravel Placement and Final Compaction5,300 m3
    Grouting19 m3
    Sealing1,570 lt
    Painting169 m2
    Permanent Fence Installation1,020 m
    Project Duration
    Start Date05.05.2016
    Finish Date13.03.2017
    Duration10 Months


    Kashagan, North Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan

    Within the scope of the contract, ENKA-MSS JV carried out the survey work, precast and in-situ concrete works, excavation and backfilling activities, the load-in and installation of major equipment provided by the client, mechanical completion, electrical, pre-commissioning & commissioning and start-up support works.

    ENKA-MSS JV provided all the construction and commissioning equipment, marine vessels, personnel and materials necessary for the execution of the works excluding their design. However, permanent project materials such as production modules and pumps, and some marine vessels including an accommodation vessel and transportation barges are provided by the client. ENKA also provided accommodation vessel during peak period of the project.

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