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North Rumaila Crude Oil Turbo Pump Station (PS-1)

Pump Station-1 Depot, located approximately 60 km west of Basrah, is one of the major crude oil storage depots in Iraq housing ten storage tanks each with 82,000 mcapacity. Oil produced at the super-giant Rumaila oil field, which comprises over one third of Iraq’s total production, is collected here and pumped to Al Fao Terminal, located 140 km away, for export via a 48” Pipeline. Pump Station-1’s operations are critical for maintaining uninterrupted export of oil to sustain oil sales which constitutes almost all of Iraq’s income.

A modernization and expansion program developed by South Oil Company of Iraq is underway to restore integrity, operability and reliability as well as increase oil export capacity. Main part of this program is the Crude Oil Turbo Pump Station Project consisting of EPC delivery of a pump station adjacent to the existing pump station complete with all balance of plant equipment and systems.

The new pumping station has two 13 MW Gas Turbine Driven Turbo Pump Units, delivering oil 6,100 m3/hr at a pressure of 685 m at the 42” discharge.

In April 2016, the project was completed by ENKA with a successful reliability Run Test and without any lost time incident.

Project Description

North Rumaila Crude Oil Pump Station (PS1) – EPCC

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning
South Oil Company of Ministry of Oil
Key Quantities
Reinforced Concrete6,393 m3
Structural Steel440 tons
Piping1,088 tons
Main Equipment Erection477 tons
Welding11,245 Dia Inch
Cabling75,563 m
Project Duration
Start Date01.12.2013
Finish Date23.04.2016
Duration28 Months


Basrah, Iraq

The project had been designed to a high level of operational intelligence and reliability due to being a critical facility for oil exports from a giant oil field. The plant was designed under strict oil and gas standards and specifications (API) with appropriate design margins and redundancy requirements.

Construction works were performed whilst the adjacent existing pump station remained operational. ENKA adhered to respective Simultaneous Operation (SIMOPS) procedures strictly to ensure safety of the plant and personnel during the execution. Detailed method statements and construction schedules were prepared in order not to disturb ongoing operations. ENKA had coordinated all interfaces with SOC’s Operations Team as required. Additionally, connections to existing headers and pipelines were implemented with hot tapping operations without the interruption of shutting down and emptying those section of pipes or manifolds. Existing pump station continued to be in operation whilst tie-ins were being done.

A robust safety and security approach was deployed and implemented throughout the project duration to protect our workforce, our customer, existing facilities as well as the environment and communities surrounding the project.


ENKA was awarded the EPC contract for the Crude Oil Turbo Pump Station by South Oil Company. ENKA provided full detail engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning scope for the new station detailed of two 13 MW Turbo Pump Units, Fuel Gas Booster Compressing and Regulation Station, Compressed Air System, Crude Oil Drain Tank, Waste Water Tank, low voltage power distribution and control system, a Station shelter complete with overhead cranes for maintenance.

The project’s engineering and design effort was carried out at ENKA’s Head Office in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • 721,000 person-hours without a lost time incident
  • The project is to  increase oil export capacity from North Rumaila significantly, helping Iraq to reach commercial production targets planned for the field, and generate much needed revenues
  • Highest quality and standards had been targeted for this signature project for South Oil Company with special care to HSE resulting in no LTI since the commencement.


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