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Kapitoly Shopping Centers

ENKA TC, formerly RamENKA, was established in Moscow as an equal partnership between ENKA and Migros in 1997 to create shopping centers and a supermarket chain in the Russian Federation.

Today ENKA TC owns and operates 10 shopping malls under the “Kapitoly” brand name, 9 of which are located in Moscow and the Moscow Region; the other one is in St. Petersburg with a total area of 442,000 m².

“Kapitoly” shopping malls are homes to more than 900 stores, complete with supermarkets, cinemas, restaurants, health clubs and performance areas. These stores are the world’s top fashion, luxury, electronic, and entertainment brands that satisfy every retail desire. Victoria’s Secret, Auchan, MediaMarkt, Worldclass, Castorama, Mac, Zara, Lacoste, Baldinini, Starbucks, Torro Grill, Loving Hut, IMAX, Karo Film, Mothercare, La Senza, Calvin Klein, Gant, Tommy Hilfiger and Levi’s are some of them. More than 54 million customers visit the shopping malls of ENKA TC annually.

Two of ENKA TC’s most significant shopping mall developments won the Best Shopping Center awards from the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Committee in the Russian Federation.

Kapitoliy Shopping Mall in St. Petersburg was honored with St. Petersburg’s Best Shopping Center award in 2006; while, in 2007 Kapitoliy-Vernadskovo Shopping Mall in Moscow received Moscow’s Best Large-Scale Shopping Mall award from the CRE.

Kapitoliy-Sevastopolsky Shopping Mall in Moscow was also awarded the Most Convenient Shopping Center in the SouthWest Administrative District of Moscow by the Municipality of Moscow.

Apart from the stores in shopping centers, the company started renting large scale offices in 2007 by renting offices at the Vernadskogo complex.

Since ENKA TC has a long-term commitment in the Russian commercial real estate market, the company made a decision to redevelop its existing shopping malls.

During the 2nd quarter of 2011, ENKA TC finished the project development phase and commenced the redevelopment of the Kuntsevo Plaza, which had been originally opened in 1997. Within the scope of this project, the existing building, covering 19,400 m² was demolished and a new 245,000 m² modern complex was constructed. This complex consists of a shopping mall, office buildings and a small number of apartment units. By the end of 2014, the construction of the plaza was completed and commenced operation. This investment project features a shopping mall comprising a net rentable area of 61,000 m², an office building with a net rentable area of 29,094 m² and an underground park lot with capacity of 2,028 cars. ENKA TC’s Kuntsevo redevelopment project was deemed worthy of the 2012 Cityscape Future Retail Award in Emerging Markets at the International Conference for Global Real Estate. After receiving a green building certificate (Green Standard – GOLD) in April 2013, Kuntsevo Plaza also became one of the Russian Federation’s 37 green investment projects. Kuntsevo Plaza was honored with the Best Shopping Center 2015 Award given by Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RCSC). Furthermore, Kuntsevo Plaza was awarded in three more categories in 2016, by International Property Awards:
• Retail Architecture (Highly commended) Russia
• Best Retail Development (5 stars) Russia
• Best Retail Development Europe

In 2015, alongside its policy of redeveloping existing projects, ENKA TC decided to commence the construction of a shopping and entertainment center on the Kashirskoe Shosse. Kapitoliy-Kashirskaya, the former shopping mall with a gross area of 30,038 m2 was built back in 2001 on the same land plot. It was later demolished and replaced by Kashirskaya Plaza, a modern shopping center with a net leasable area of 72,000 m2 and a multi-storey underground car park with a capacity of 1,400 cars. Kashirskaya Plaza:

  • Received an Engineering News-Record (ENR) “Global Best Project Award 2019” in the Retail / Mixed-Use Development Category
  • Awarded with the prize of “The Best Realized Multifunctional Center Development” in «The Best Realized Project in the Field of Construction” competition, organized by Moscow City in 2019


32,500 м²

Procurement & construction of a hypermarket, store and shop offices with a total floor area of 8,000 m² and a shopping mall with a total floor area of 24,500 m²; three floors including infrastructural works and parking area.


125,328 м²

Construction of a shopping center consisting of 5,580 m² hypermarket, 1,300 m² storage area with 45 check-outs; and 53,300 m² mall including 6 halls multiplex cinema complex and 33,000 m² closed car parking and open car parking.


41,657 м²

Construction of a shopping center, including; mall, hypermarket, storage areas, multi-storey parking, multiplex cinema complex.


5,970 м²

Architectural, mechanical and electrical restoration of an existing building. The first floor is used as a supermarket of 3,018 m² and the second floor as a fast food restaurant of 2,667 m².



55,493 м²

Construction of a shopping center including 4,400 m² hypermarket, 800 m² storage area with 28 check-outs, 25,000 m² mall and a multiplex cinema complex, 18,000 m² closed and open car parking.


16,049 м²

Renovation and transformation of an existing factory building into a shopping mall.


72,006 м²

Construction of a shopping center, including 8,720 m² hypermarket with 41 pay desks, 1,700 m² storage area, 28,000 m² mall and a multiplex cinema complex with 23,600 m² with covered car parking.


27,551 м²

Hypermarket, store / shop, underground car parking, movie theatre complex and offices, including outside parking area and infrastructure works.

Project TitleStart DateFinish DateDuration
Kapitoliy Babushkin01.03.200501.06.20053 Months
Kapitoliy Vernadskogo01.01.200501.09.200620 Months
Kapitoliy Udelniy Park01.09.200401.08.200511 Months
Kapitoliy Izmailovsky01.09.200401.12.20043 Months
Kapitoliy Sevastopolsky01.09.200301.09.200524 Months
Kapitoliy Podolsk01.05.200301.10.20035 Months
Kapitoliy Leningrdasky01.05.200201.12.20027 Months
Kapitoliy Belyaevo01.02.200201.10.20028 Months
Kapitoliy Sokol01.11.200001.03.20014 Months
Kapitoliy Marino01.09.200001.12.20003 Months
Kapitoliy Trivagzal01.07.200001.10.20003 Months
Kapitoliy Kashirskoe Shosse01.05.200001.01.20018 Months
Kapitoliy Mitino01.03.200001.06.20003 Months
Kapitoliy Sokolniki & Chertonovo01.08.199901.11.19993 Months
Kapitoliy Maryina Roscha01.04.199801.10.19986 Months
Kapitoliy Maladoznaya01.04.199701.10.19976 Months

Project Description

Kapitoly Shopping Centers

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Key Quantities
Total Floor Area442,380 m²
Project Duration
Start Date01.04.1997
Finish Date01.07.2008


Russian Federation

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