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FC Shakhtar Donetsk Stadium, Donbass Arena

ENKA acted as the prime contractor. Construction began in 2006 and was completed in 2009. To erect the five-star arena to such a tight schedule (three years) over 1,600 people worked on site at peak times.

Turn-key construction of UEFA Elite Class stadium in Donetsk, Ukraine for 51,540 visitors, of which 3,680 are VIPs. The Stadium is an oval shape with an inclined roof. Inside the Stadium there are restaurants, bars, cafes, fast food facilities, a sports center, Club Museum and Shops.

The eye-catching stadium was designed by Arup Sport, which was the creative and inspirational force behind some of the world’s greatest arenas, such as the City of Manchester Stadium (Manchester, England), Allianz Arena stadium (Munich, Germany), the new stadium of Valencia CF (Valencia, Spain), Sydney Football Stadium (Sydney, Australia), Beijing National Stadium (or the Bird’s Nest in Beijing, China) etc. The total project budget was USD 400 mil.


Project Description

FC Shakhtar Donetsk Stadium, Donbass Arena

  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Stadion Shakhtar Limited
Project Designer
Arup Sport
Key Quantities
Concrete160,000 m³
Rebar12,295 tons
Excavation458,761 m³
Cabling1,200 km
Pre-cast Element3,400 ea
Tubular Pile3,248 ea
Project Duration
Start Date01.06.2006
Finish Date01.09.2009
Duration40 Months


Donetsk, Ukraine
  • Set within the beautiful Leninsky Komsomol Park, this stunning new home for FC SHAKHTAR has become a new symbol for Donetsk city, while providing an unforgettable match experience for spectators
  • Its bowl design offers a high degree of comfort, as well as improved viewing quality. Immediately adjacent to the seating areas are a range of facilities catering for every fan’s needs. In addition to adhering to Ukraine’s codes and standards, the stadium’s design meets the most current internationally recognized safety standards. The roof includes a large area of translucent sheeting material to improve daylight and sunlight penetration and promote improved natural turf-growing conditions. Furthermore, large open areas are incorporated into the perimeter of the lower-tier concourse to enable cross ventilation of the pitch. The external elevation of the building provides a seamless glazed facade and a high degree of transparency to the exterior of the building
  • The stadium combines an elegance of form with simplicity of materials. It has become a landmark stadium for world class players and a worldwide audience. The stadium’s conceptual design was developed to meet the specific requirements of the club for a natural playing surface, a seating capacity for 51,500 spectators, qualification for UEFA elite status, VIP suites with segregated viewing areas and underground VIP parking, as well as additional facilities such as a club museum, a club shop, a cafeteria and a health club. During the construction, considerable de-watering works were carried out to reduce the level of the underground water table. These were followed up with piling works to improve the load bearing capacity of the soil by using 400 mm x 400 mm friction piles. The tiers comprised a total of 3,400 pre-cast concrete elements. The total amount of concrete used in the works amounted to 120,000 m3. The roof is a three dimensional, structurally efficient design that appears to float above the building. The shape inclines towards the south, resting on a dozen 60 m long steel support trusses that were manufactured and erected by Çimtaş and maneuvered with a giant, 600-tons mobile crane, able to lift steel structures in excess of 230 tons. These 12 steel support trusses designed and manufactured by Mero-TSK have a combined weight of 4,000 tons and carry the space-frame structure of the roof.
  • The total seating capacity of the stadium is 52,667
  • There are 290 seats for the media, of which 152 are for journalists and 138 seats for TV commentators (a combination of 46 commentary boxes)
  • A total of 196 places and seats for people with disabilities and their carers (104 and 92, respectively)
  • The stadium’s 44 corporate boxes can accommodate a total of 915 people
  • Altogether 180 media representatives can always feel at home at the arena’s spacious Conference Room
  • All the restaurants, bars and cafés at the stadium combined, total 1,830 covers
  • The stadium has more than 1,000 car parking spaces (245 of which are underground).


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