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Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center

Since ENKA has a long-term commitment to the Russian Commercial Real Estate market, a decision was made to redevelop its existing shopping malls. The shopping mall Kapitoliy-Kuntsevo, which became operational in 1997, was the first to be newly constructed as a mixed–use project: Kuntsevo Plaza.

While the architectural design of the project was created by Jerde Partnership, the American design architecture and urban planning firm, the detailed working designs were drawn up by ENKA’s own design team.

Officially opened on 23 January 2015, Kuntsevo Plaza is located on Moscow’s Yartsevskaya Street, in the vicinity of the Molodezhnaya metro station. It forms part of a prestigious neighborhood which features a rich collage of universities, public buildings, medical facilities, and residential amenities, and which is admired for its natural beauty and wealth of history.

Kuntsevo Plaza was designed as a space for the local community, business people and visitors alike. With its innovative design and planning, based on contextual and historical inspirations, it constitutes a compelling, site-specific addition, as well as a new urban heart and living space.

The entire complex has an area of 245,000 m², and the gross leasable area of retail space is 61,000 m². Four levels of underground parking, with room for over 2,000 vehicles, are also designated for the retail function.

The plaza’s design sets out to achieve the highest standards both in environmental and social sustainability. The use of various local materials is highlighted and maximum exposure to the sun and extensive use of natural light is implemented throughout the project. The green rooftops reduce the cooling loads and offer additional public open space, all unifying to promote a model of economic, social, and environmental sustainability not only for Kuntsevo but all of Moscow.

Among the anchor tenants of the complex there are: the Auchan hypermarket on two levels (13,800 m²) and the World Class fitness center, including a swimming pool (2,800 m²). Kuntsevo Plaza offers its visitors a wide entertainment component including the Mori Cinema multiplex with eight screen salons (6,900 m²), the Cosmic entertainment center (3,010 m²) with bowling and Q-Zar, as well as a unique food and beverage area with a food court, chef restaurants, and a two-level Sky Bar with terraces.

A Vibrant New Living, Work, Shopping and Entertainment

Apart from this, the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping gallery features amongst others, fashion brands and as a whole, the five-level shopping and entertainment center includes 200 stores.

In addition to its spectacular light-filled retail and entertainment spaces, the complex consists of office buildings (leasable area of 29,094 m²) and a small number of apartment units. Through its synergistic combination of retail, entertainment, dining, cultural uses, state-of-the-art office and modern residential, within a single, world-class facility, all designed with experiential knowledge of articulated pedestrian scale, Kuntsevo Plaza further enhances its respected, historic city, breathing new life into Moscow.

ENKA’s range of work as the main contractor for Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center, comprised: demolishing the existing 19,400 m2 shopping center, design management, procurement, execution of all branches of construction, start-up, as well as testing and commissioning of the new building.

Project Description

Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade & Business Center

  • Turn-key Design
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Start-up

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Design, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning, Start-up
Key Quantities
Total Leasable Area90,000 m²
Underground Parking Capacity2,000 m²
Diaphragm Wall26,088 m²
Excavation621,970 m³
Concrete203,544 m³
Reinforcement33,186 tons
Structural Steel4,394 tons
Secondary Steel997 tons
Temporary Steel1,363 tons
Lifts, Escalators, Autowalks102 pcs
Façade69,697 m²
Glazed Facades41,292 m²
Metal Facades21,676 m²
Stone Facades6,729 m²
Partitions147,356 m²
AAC Concrete Block Wall113,425 m²
Gypsum Board24,524 m²
Wall Finishing316,382 m²
Paint213,607 m²
Metal Cladding15,417 m²
Granite3,916 m²
Gypsum Board Cladding24,721 m²
Floor Finishing225,975 m²
Screed139,862 m²
Terazzo8,109 m²
Ceramic Tile22,070 m²
 Epoxy11,613 m²
 Granite28,217 m²
 Ceiling Finishing222,214 m²
Suspended Ceiling29,404 m²
Paint169,563 m²
Decorative Plaster20,709 m²
Green Fields2,380 m²
Fine Grained Asphalt – Concrete2,745 m²
Fire Curtain EI602,215 m²
Doors1,523 pcs
Project Duration
Start Date01.04.2011
Finish Date28.08.2015
Duration54 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation

Due to its presence in the Russian Federation, since 1990, ENKA is an experienced contractor with an extensive knowledge of local standards, work procedures and state policies that has solved many unforeseen challenges in the process of execution of projects. Design, procurement, local work permits and construction teams has enabled them to work reliably and with balance. As a result, the Kuntsevo Plaza had its grand opening on time. The four most significant challenges faced and overcome by the professionals are listed as follows:

  • The Russian Authorities suspends work during the periodical inspections of the work and the commissioning of the building. In order to pass local authority inspections, all the design documentation prepared by the international design firms, such as Jerde, EMPG, Berksan and Dinamik, was checked and approved by their semi-official Russian counterparts, leading to many revisions of the design and technical documentation prior to the inspections. This efficient practice saved a great deal of time and money by averting the suspension of work that would not have otherwise been approved by local authorities
  • Delayed provision of design solutions to in situ problems – Communication between various design teams around the globe has always presented a big challenge. The lack of strong communication would have resulted in irretrievable idle periods and would have had an impact on time and cost for the project. Having continuous of representation of all the design firms on site for the full time integration and collaboration of all the disciplines proved to be the best solution for maintaining the strict schedule of this fast track project
  • Multiple milestones with various dates for the different sections and shops of the mixed-use complex – Zone based modeling and zone management made it possible for various lease holders to commence their own fit out work without hindrance from neighboring premises. This approach also eased the hazard control of leased spaces and created a more secure area
  • Interruption of material flow due to global and local weather conditions, public holidays – Kuntsevo Plaza has been created using materials from different parts of the world. ENKA prepared and strictly followed the Material Flow Chart, taking into consideration public holidays of the origin of material. Conversely, the procurement department periodically warned the professionals in the team of the dangers of late consignments. Moreover, apart from the usual limitations to transport, such as frozen waterways for six months of a year, weather conditions and the transport of vehicles were tracked in every way possible.
  • ENKA, together with the Kuntsevo Multifunctional Trade Business Center Project, was presented the following awards: the 2012 ‘Cityscape Future Retail Award in Emerging Markets’ at the International Conference for Global Real Estate; the “Best Shopping Center” award of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers (RCSC) in April 2015;  the “Best Retail Architecture Russia”, “Best Retail Development (5 Stars) Russia” and “Best Retail Development Europe” awards at the International Property Awards in 2016; the “Best Office Complex” and “Best Shopping Complex” at the “100 Best Office and Retail Centers in Russia” award ceremony held in St. Petersburg in both 2017 and 2018.
  • The mixed-use project that comprises commercial squares with multi-story parking, a hypermarket, office and entertainment towers, was developed to be one of the first multifunctional buildings in the Russian commercial real estate market.
  • Became one of Russia’s 37 green investment projects after receiving a green building certificate (Green  Standard – GOLD) in April 2013


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