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Krasnodar Military Housing

The project in Krasnodar was the largest of a series of residential settlements, constructed for the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. The project covered the turn-key design and construction of 2,004 apartments, complete with infrastructure as well as social and technical buildings, with a total construction area of 285,000 sqm, and a 62 MW electricity and heating center.

During construction, ENKA was able to overcome the challenges posed by the swamped ground conditions and abnormal drops in temperature to levels as low as -25 °C. ENKA met the intermediate contract milestone to hand over 1,200 units in 11 months from contract signature date to 31 December 1993, by implementing accelerated construction measures and low temperature work procedures.

The completion of the project on August 31, 1994 marked a further achievement for ENKA despite adverse climatic conditions. Throughout the construction period, ENKA worked in close cooperation with the local authorities and organizations to ensure effective implementation of the project.

The end of an era in history

The “Housing Construction Program in the Russian Federation, Belarus and the Ukraine” aimed to provide homes for members of the former Soviet Army returning to their home countries from former East Germany following the unification of East and West Germany. In 1991, the German Federal Government provided 8.35 billion DM for the housing program to build over 45,000 apartments with around 3 million sqm of residential space. This program was accomplished successfully in the 1991 – 1996 period.

Project Description

Krasnodar Military Housing

  • Turn-key Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Ministry of Defense Housing Department / Technostroj-export
Key Quantities
Construction Area285,000 m²
No of Apartment Units2004
Project Duration
Start Date01.02.1993
Finish Date31.08.1994
Duration19 Months


Krasnodar, Russian Federation


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