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Danone Food Manufacturing Plant

In November 1998, ENKA was awarded the design and build contract for the Danone dairy products manufacturing plant, located in the Moscow Region. As the main contractor, ENKA cooperated with APV, AIT-Eau and Clauger in the process of design and installation. The plant was commissioned in phases between December 1999 and June 2000.

The main work items were the construction of a 11,864 sqm covered area, included a milk and raw materials intake area, raw materials storage silos, processing buildings, packaging units, cooling cells and cold warehouse, raw material and finished product storage warehouses, laboratories, offices and technical building for boilers, chilling units and compressors. All internal finishing and structural details had to comply with clean room requirements. The project also included the construction of 20,000 sqm of asphalt-paved roads and parking lots, two deep wells and a pump station, a 1,000 cubic meters underground water reservoir and a waste water treatment plant.

The extension works for the production building were completed in June 2001 as Phase 5, and the waste water treatment plant and loading docks as Phase 6 in early 2002.

Project Description

Danone Food Manufacturing Plant

  • Turn-key Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Turn-key Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Groupe Danone – OOO Danone Industria Moscow
Key Quantities
Total Floor Area 11,864 m²
Project Duration
Start Date 01.08.1998
Finish Date 01.03.2000
Duration 19 Months


Moscow, Russian Federation

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