Messebo Cement Factory

Messebo Cement Factory

The construction of the cement factory started in January 1997 for the client, Messebo Building Materials Production Share Company. The plant is located in the northern part of Ethiopia, 7 km from Mekele city.

The project encompassed all the civil and structural works, supply and installation of the structural steel, and the entire mechanical erection works. The mechanical equipment was provided by F.L.Smith of Denmark.

Project Description

Messebo Cement Factory

  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Messebo Building Materials Production Share Co.
Key Quantities
Excavation and Backfill 256,000 m³
Concrete 44,000 m³
Structural Steel 3,700 tons
Rebar 3,450 tons
Formwork 115,000 m²
Equipment 7,200 tons
Electrical Works 500 tons
Project Duration
Start Date 01.02.1997
Finish Date 31.12.1999
Duration 35 Months


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The annual capacity of the plant is 600,000 tonnes and it is capable of producing portland cement with or without additives. The project involved 256,000 cubic meters of excavation and backfill, 44,000 cubic meters of concrete, 3,700 tonnes of structural steel, 3,450 tonnes of reinforcement, 115,000 m2 of formwork, 7,200 tonnes of mechanical installation and 500 tonnes of electrical installation. The project was completed at the end of 1999.


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