Tasluja Cement Plant

Tasluja Cement Plant

The project’s scope of works included the procurement and construction of all civil and building works with respect to the cement plant with the capacity of 1,000,000 tons/ year.

Project Description

Tasluja Cement Plant

  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Procurement, Construction
State Organization for Construction Industries – STOKI
Key Quantities
Excavation 155,248 m3
Formwork 84,080 m2
Reinforced steel 3,846 tons
Sliding formwork 24,476 m2
Concrete 40,184 m3
Prestressing wire 112 tons
Project Duration
Start Date 01.03.1981
Finish Date 01.07.1985
Duration 53 Months


Tasluja, Iraq

ENKA, as construction contractor has undertaken all civil and building works related with the cement plant including detailed designs.

ENKA’s works consist of raw material crushing, storage and handling unit ; cement packing, loading and dispatch unit; electrical power supply system; workshops, storage areas; administration building, camp facilities and other auxiliary facilities.


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