103 Bed Sevastopolsky Perinatal Medical Centre

103 Bed Sevastopolsky Perinatal Medical Centre

The contractor for the design and turnkey construction of a maternity hospital to serve as a perinatal medical center in Moscow was signed in April 2004. Perinatal refers to the entire complex of perinatal, natal and postnatal services. This is the first large and private multi-service maternity hospital in Russia, with the most up-to-date modern medical technology available.

The design of the maternity hospital, including the incorporation of its medical technology, was completed in four months. All construction, engineering and finishing works of the reinforced concrete building, as well as centralized electrical and mechanical systems, such as HVAC, hot and cold water supply and fire water main, power supply and lighting, intruder alarm system, CCTV system, fire alarm and fully automatic sprinker system, public announcement and emergency evacuation system, smoke extraction and pressurization system, building automation and control systems, waste collection system, vacuum cleaning system and medical systems such as medical gas system, bed-head units, clean room technology systems and landscaping works were completed  in June 2009.

The building is designed with nine floors and two underground levels, with a total construction area of 33,000 sqm. Its 103-bed medical center has standard single-room wards as well as double-room and triple-room luxury wards. Additionally, it includes eight delivery and seven operation rooms, gynecology and pathology departments, a neonatal center with infant reanimation, an in-vitro fertilization center, as well as women’s and children’s polyclinics.

Project Description

103 Bed Sevastopolsky Perinatal Medical Centre

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Medical Package Supply & Installation

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Medical Package Supply & Installation
MD Project 2000
Key Quantities
Total Floor Area 33,000 m²
Project Duration
Start Date 01.04.2004
Finish Date 01.06.2009
Duration 63 Months


Sevastopolsky, Moscow, Russian Federation

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