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Amman Service Reservoirs

ENKA completed the turn-key construction of eleven ground level water reservoirs with a total capacity of 160,800 m3, 3 water towers, 4 pump stations and 3 instrument houses.

In this project, very interesting construction method was undertaken, a 600 ton concrete covering water tower was constructed on the ground, with a specific form system, and later was raised by a heavy lifting method to 23 m and erected. This difficult process, which requires great care, was completed in 3 days.

Amman Service Reservoirs – Contract 2: Construction of 5 ground level water reservoirs with a total capacity of 63,000 m³, 3 water towers, an instrument house and 3 pumping stations.
Amman Service Reservoirs – Contract 3: Construction of 6 ground level water reservoirs with a total capacity of 97,800 m³, 2 instrument houses and a pumping station.

Project Description

Amman Service Reservoirs


Project Features

Contract Type
Turn-key construction
Amman Water & Sewerage Authority – AWSA
Key Quantities
Excavation (Contract 2) 50,670  m³
Excavation (Contract 3) 56,925 m³
Reinforcing Steel (Contract 2) 2,450 tons
Reinforcing Steel (Contract 3) 2,450 tons
Formwork (Contract 2) 31,970 m2
Formwork (Contract 3) 34,025 m2
Concrete (Contract 2) 14,000 m3
Concrete (Contract 3) 17,650 m3
Precast Concrete (Contract 2) 1,525 m3
Precast Concrete (Contract 3) 2,400 m3
Project Duration
Start Date 01.10.1983
Finish Date 01.04.1986
Duration 30 Months


Amman, Jordan

Turn-key construction of water reservoirs, water towers, an instrument house and pumping stations.


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