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Berezovskaya 800 MW Coal Fired Power Plant Project

ENKA was awarded the contract for the boiler’s mechanical erection work at the Berezovskaya Coal Fired Power Plant located at Sharypovo, Krasnoyarsk Region of the Russian Federation, in June 2012.

The Berezovskaya Coal Fired Power Plant Project, being the only power plant in the Russian Federation with 800 MW power units and where coal is used as the fuel, consisted of the construction of the 3rd power block with a capacity of 800 MW, to increase the capacity of the overall plant to 2,400 MW.

Project Description

Berezovskaya Coal Fired Power Plant

  • Mechanical Erection Works

Project Features

Scope of Work
Mechanical Erection Works
E.ON Russia
Key Quantities
Structural Steel5,177 tons
Mech. Equipment3,629 tons
Ductwork3,784 tons
A/G Piping3,074 tons
Pressure Parts4,119 tons
Project Duration
Start Date01.07.2012
Finish Date31.08.2015
Duration39 Months


Sharypovo Krasnoyarsk Region, Russian Federation

Majority of the erection works at the Berezovskaya Power Plant Project were carried on inside a 72m x 81m x 117m (height) enclosed building right next to two operating coal fired units. Inevitably; i) the works were executed at extreme heights causing safety hazards and, ii) coal dust from operating blocks was present at the work places, that endanger health of the workers. ENKA overcame these hazards by prioritizing HSE in mutual cooperation with the Owner. Another challenge faced due to working inside an enclosed building was that the work fronts were limited due to specific erection sequences which also brought about interfaces between crews executing different lines of works. ENKA was able to manage this by proper planning of the works. Further, even though the erection was being done inside a closed building, the erection sequence and the erection methods governed that in order to minimize the number of lifts (circa 2000 ea with weight of lifted blocks differing from 50 kg to 185 tons), the elements were to be preassembled to blocks of maximum liftable weights and sizes. Hence the preassembly works were mainly executed outdoors, which required ENKA to use its vast winterization experience.


ENKA’s scope as the mechanical erection works contractor for the construction of the Berezovskaya Coal Fired Power Plant Project consisted of pre-installation preparatory works, assembly works (enlarged assembly of the parts of the boiler and auxiliary equipment), installation works, preassembly of wall modules (boiler pressure parts), field welding joints touch-up painting works, hydraulic testing of the boiler. ENKA workforce reached to 1,527 people during the peak periods of the Project.

  • 9.24 million man-hours without lost time incident
  • Construction of the third power block of 800 MW capacity resumed after 20 years of a halt due to the collapse of the Soviet Union
  • Plant capacity increased to 2,400 MW
  • Berezovskaya Power Plant is the only power plant in Russia with 800 MW power units where coal is used as fuel, all the rest of the heat power plants with same power units are operated using gas
  • Being fed with brown coal from the open pit mine that is 14 km away, Berezovskaya Power Plant is vital for development of the Eastern Siberia’s power industry.


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