Berke Dam

Berke Dam

Project includes phase 1, construction of the diversion tunnel of the Berke Dam on the River Ceyhan as well as the access roads, tunnels & bridges and phase 2, construction of dam.

Project Description

Berke Dam Diversion Tunnel, Access Roads, Tunnels & Bridges

  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Erection

Project Features

Scope of Work
Procurement, Construction, Erection
Çukurova Electricity Co. Inc. – ÇEAS
Key Quantities

Major Quantities of Access Tunnel

Tunnel Excavation 281,257 m³
Road & Other Excavation 1,500,000 m³
Tunnel Concrete 42,398 m³
Other Concrete 14,500 m³
Shotcrete 16,080 tons
Consolidat. grouting 200 tons

Major Quantities of Diversion Tunnels

Tunnel Excavation 25,295 m³
Concrete Lining 39,942 m³
Drilling of Grouting 141,922 m
Drilling for Anchors 15,000 m
Drilling for Piezometer 15,217 m
Cement Grouting 12,448 tons
Project Duration
Start Date 01.09.1986
Finish Date 01.08.1990
Duration 48 Months


Adana, Turkey
  • With the purpose of capitalizing on the 200 m waterfall height, this dam was constructed in a valley, which was exceedingly steep with highly difficult transportation and work conditions.

ENKA`s scope included procurement, construction and erection. The works included the construction of following items: 500 meters long derivation tunnel with horse-shoe section and 13 meters diameter, 5 kilometres long approach roads required for the dam construction and operation, and constructed by 1.2 million cubic meters of excavation, 7 approach tunnels with a total length of 3.5 kilometres, 2 approach bridges, with 3 span, with a total span of 160 meters and made of steel prefabricated panels, underground power stations, power tunnels, rock-bolt galleries, over-crest platform excavations, spillway tunnels and approach tunnels.

  • The largest Hydroelectric Dam on Ceyhan River.


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