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Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

The Japanese-Turkish consortium of MHI-ENKA-MC-ITC was awarded the contract to build a 1,400 MW natural gas fired combined cycle power plant in Bursa on a turn-key basis following a tender by TEAŞ in 1995. Using the latest technology, the Bursa Power Plant stood out as the largest and most efficient power plant of its period in Turkey.

The project encompassed all civil works, sub- and superstructures, and supply of auxiliary components. The scope of works also included the supply, installation, testing and putting into operation of the mechanical and electrical systems at the power plant. The main components were supplied from Japan by MHI. The project was financed by Japanese EXIM and a number of commercial banks.

The main plant consists of two power blocks. Each has a set of two combustion turbines/generators, two heat recovery steam generators, one steam turbine/generator and one closed cooling water system with a 135 m natural draft dry cooling tower.

The total net output of the combined cycle power plant is 1,409 MW, which is achieved by four gas turbines/generators each with a nominal capacity of 239 MW and two steam turbines/generators each with a nominal capacity of 238 MW. The annual power generation capacity of the plant is 10 billion kWh.

Construction began in the last quarter of 1996 and the project was completed within 32 months. The final acceptance certificate was obtained in March 2002, following the successful operation of the plant during the two-year warranty period.

Project Description

1,400 MW Bursa Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Turn-key Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning & Start-up

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Turn-key Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning & Start-up
Turkish Electricity Generation & Transmission Co. Inc. (TEAS)
Key Quantities
Earthworks1,200,000 m³
Concrete92,000 m³
Formwork255,000 m²
Reinforcing Steel7,500 tons
Structural Steel6,000 tons
Mech. Equipment42,500 tons
Insulation & Paint49,500 m²
Project Duration
Start Date01.05.1996
Finish Date01.06.1999
Duration38 Months


Bursa, Turkey

The project is the largest of its kind in the world. Includes design and engineering, equipment supply, construction, erection, commissioning and putting into operation of the Natural Gas Fired Combined Cycle Power Plant on a turn-key basis. The main plant consists of 4 Gas Turbines (each 240 MW), 4 sets Heat Recovery Steam Generators and 2 Steam Turbines (each 237,5 MW) Main items of work and services are complete design and engineering of the plant and auxiliaries, complete civil works for buildings and structures, including steel structure fabrication and erection, infrastructural works, mechanical and electrical supply and erection works including installation of Gas Turbo­ Generator sets, Heat Recovery Steam Generators, Steam Turbo – Generator sets, Cooling Water System incorporating 2 pieces of reinforced concrete natural draft dry Cooling Towers (135 m high, 120 m base diameter), Water Treatment Plant, 154 kV and 380 kV Switchyards, Central Control Building, Service and Auxiliary Buildings . The project also includes construction of the main access road to plant and the social and administrative buildings for TEAŞ.


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