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Samawa 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

ENKA entered into a consortium agreement with General Electric (GE) on January 3rd 2017, to undertake works on the Samawa Combined Cycle Power Plant project which was awarded to GE by the Ministry of Electricity of Iraq under a contract dated February 5th 2017.

The contract, which was awarded on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) basis, includes design works, manufacturing, deliveries to site, construction and assembly works, operation, commissioning, start up and testing. The gas turbines and generators and their off-base auxiliaries, which were previously acquired by the employer, are to be installed and commissioned by the GE-ENKA consortium in simple cycle mode and then converted to combined cycle through the addition of a steam tail and associated equipment. The power plant has a 4x4x1 configuration and will be capable of using three different fuels, with natural gas as the primary fuel and light distilled oil and heavy fuel oil as back-up fuels. The fuel storage and treatment facilities for the liquid fuels are also included in the scope of the work. The gross output at ISO conditions will be 750 MW.

The four 9E gas turbine and generator sets (4X125 MW) and auxiliaries were purchased by the employer from General Electric under the “Mega Deal” project in December 2008. These are to be installed by the consortium as free issued equipment.

In late 2018, the work was divided into two phases to overcome financing and budget challenges.

Phase 1 broadly envisages the completion of the simple cycle plant, including the 132 kV air insulated switchyard (AIS) and 400 kV gas insulated switchyard (GIS) together with common balance of plant of a size and capacity to accommodate the combined cycle operation.

Phase 2 broadly involves the completion of the combined cycle plant by adding on the necessary equipment.

Project Description

Samawa 750 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction
  • Commissioning

Project Features

Contract Type
Lump Sum Turn Key
Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Commissioning
Ministry of Electricity of Iraq
General Electric (GE) & ENKA İnşaat ve Sanayi A.Ş.
Key Quantities
Excavation 317,449 m3
Filling & Backfilling 232,846 m3
Structural Concrete 69,107 m3
Lean Concrete 11,646 m3
Rebar 7,165 tons
Formwork 161,600 m²
Steel Structure (Inc. Embedded) 1,723 tons
A/G Large Bore Piping 870 tons
A/G Small Bore Piping 19,750 m
Cable Tray 27,500 m
Cable 1,065,036 m
Termination 80,257
Project Duration


Start Date 18.03.2019
Finish Date 22.03.2021
Duration 25 Months


Samawah, Iraq

ENKA is responsible for the conceptual design and detailed engineering of the entire civil works, the piling works and the mechanical and electrical works for Balance of Plant (BoP).

ENKA will also procure, manufacture and deliver the BoP equipment and provide construction services including the overall civil works, the piling works, the erection and installation of BoP and power block equipment and the testing and commissioning activities required to achieve successful operation on a turnkey basis.

The power block equipment and main machinery sets such as the HRSGs, diverter dampers, STG, ACC, DCS, 132 kV AIS and 400 kV GIS, step-up transformers and auto-transformers, excluding free issued equipment, are to be designed, procured, manufactured and transported to Iraq by GE. GE is also to be responsible for the testing and commissioning of the equipment which it supplies.


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