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Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant

The project’s scope of work consisted of the complete architectural and structural design, and construction of all civil, building works, steel structure fabrication and erection works related with all buildings, facilities and infrastructure of 2×210 MW thermal power plant. The second section works included erection works of cooling and feeding water system for the boilers of the Yeniköy Thermal Power Plant.

Project Description

2×210 MW Yeniköy Themal Power Plant Units 1 and 2

  • Engineering
  • Procurement
  • Construction

Project Features

Scope of Work
Engineering, Procurement, Construction
Turkish Electricity Authority – TEK
Key Quantities
Excavation3,200,000 m³
Reinforcing steel16,150 tons
Formwork350,000 m²
Concrete243,000 m³
Steel Structure Fab.7,000 tons
Steel Structure Erec.11,500 tons
Project Duration
Start Date01.05.1981
Finish Date01.07.1987
Duration75 Months


Muğla, Turkey

Construction works, steel structure fabrication and erection works for 2×210 MW units of coal fired power plant. The construction works include mainly Boiler, Turbine and Bunker Buildings, coal supply system, water supply and treatment system, 380 kV and 154 kV switchyard, ash and slag handling system and other auxiliary and service buildings . The stacks within ash and slag handling system are 200 m high and were constructed by sliding forms.


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